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Suit of Pentacles

Meaning of Suit of Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles Tarot cards align with the outer or physical level of awareness and reflect upon the more external aspects of your financial situation, work, health and creativity. These cards correspond to how we build our outer environment and surroundings, like how we make it, design it, shape it, transform it and grow it. On a more mystical level, Pentacles cards are linked to how you see yourself, what you think of yourself, your ego and self-esteem.

The Suit of Pentacles is inclined to the element of Earth. Earth, which is real, touchable and homely. It lays the foundation that helps the planet develop and grow. It assists and nurtures plants, trees and other life. Earth is grounded, contributory, arable and stable like feminine energy that is more receptive. It absorbs the energy from nutrients and sunlight to sustain the growth of life.

In a deck of playing cards, Pentacles are associated with the Diamonds.

Meaning of Pentacles Cards In A Tarot Reading

The Suit of Pentacles in a reading corresponds with the material aspects of life- money, business, belongings, property, work, luxuries and other worldly possessions. The constructive aspects of the Pentacles inline towards achievements, understanding, affluence and demonstration of accomplishments.

The sinister aspects of Pentacles reflect possessiveness, greediness, laziness, sedentary lifestyle, materialistic instincts, unable to manage finances and focusing too much on career that other aspects of life start deteriorating. The Pentacles shows ways to cancel out the negative elements by getting in touch with mother nature in order to feel more grounded and connect with your inner needs.

Pentacles Tarot cards correspond with the astrological signs of the Earth element- Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. In a Tarot reading, when a Pentacles Court card comes up, the reading is related to a person with Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus star sign. Pentacles people are generally seen to be very kind, down-to-earth and career oriented. These people are more inclined to tactual things and prefer experiencing the world at a more physical and tangible level. They feel connected through the senses and often seek indulgent and pleasurable experiences in life.

What Does It Mean When A Tarot Reading Is Mostly Pentacles Tarot Cards

When a Tarot card reading is dominated by the Pentacles cards, it indicates that you are looking for solutions to financial problems, material conflicts and issues related with your professional life.

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