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Wheel of Fortune Keywords

UPRIGHT : Change, Fortune, Turning Point, Destiny


Wheel of Fortune is a significant card in the Tarot Deck. In the card, each sign and symbol signifies a unique tarot meaning. On the four edges of the card, four symbols represent a fixed zodiac sign. Angel at the top left edge represents Aquarius, Eagle next to it signifies Scorpio, Lion at the bottom right corner corresponds to Leo while the Bull at the last edge suggests Taurus zodiac. All these zodiac signs speak of stability in the midst of constant change. On the outer Wheel’s face, IHVH is engraved, which in Hebrew means God. Each one holds a Book in their hand with a letter inscribed TORA, symbolic to wisdom and knowledge. On the left of the outer circle, there is a snake slithering representing evil. The snake also signifies life and energy plunging into the materialistic world. A Sphinx is sitting on the top of the Wheel and from the bottom, Anubis is emerging. These Egyptian figures are symbolic to good and evil. Two wheels are placed one within the other in the center of the card. Here, the inner wheel comprises four symbols- Salt, Mercury, Sulphur, Water- signifying key elements of life on the Earth. The outer wheel suggests a physical world. Across the two wheels are eight spokes symbolizing infinite energy that links the Universe and the Sabbaths of the year. Blue color in the background represents the power of wisdom. Jupiter rules the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card. It encourages growth and success making this card synonymous with a symbol of the moving wheel.

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The main interpretation of Wheel of Fortune with respect to one’s life is that a change is about to happen. This may be a life changing event that can make you rich or pull you down to the ground. The card suggests change in position and power. It indicates that you need to stay calm and poised no matter whatever the situation be.


Wheel of Fortune signifies the circle of life that cannot be controlled. Good times and bad times both will occur irrespective of whether you are a King or a pauper. When the time is appropriate, you should acknowledge the privileges and be grateful. You should not be proud of your efforts or feel complacent. If situations are unfavorable, you should not lose hopes but realize that time changes. The Wheel of Fortune in the upright position urges you to not settle for less but strive to achieve more. The appearance of Wheel of Fortune indicates cause and effect. In the upright position, you may enjoy the fruits of your hard work but in the reverse, you may have to pay off for all your bad deeds. The card represents Karma. However, the Universe changes constantly and the strength to reach at the highest position will always be within you.


The Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position is not a welcoming sign. It indicates that you are experiencing bad luck and misfortune. You should understand that fate is uncontrollable and when things are not in your favour, you need to behave more calmly and patiently. Focus on your goals and remember that the Wheel is always turning and life can change anytime.


Wheel of Fortune is the card of change and this is what it brings in your love life. It could bring a change which you never expected, and whether it is a good change or a bad change will totally depend upon your current situation. If it is good, then it is set to change and if it is bad then expect things to get better.

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