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Three of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Heartbreak, Emotional pain, Loss, Sorrow


The Three of Swords displays three swords piercing into a heart symbolizing a heartbreak which may be caused by someone’s harsh words or hurtful actions. The heart is a symbol of love and affection while the swords indicate actions or words which may inflict pain. The grey clouds in the background are a sign of storm which indicates towards emotional turbulences making you feel miserable and sad. But, it’s also a sign that just like the skies clear up after the storm, similarly your heart will also get cleared of the pain and hurt brought to you by this heartbreak.

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Three of Swords in general context represents grief, sorrow, depression, and separation. It is a card of heartbreak and betrayal. The appearance of Three of Swords in a Tarot reading indicates an unexpected set of events which may cause emotional upheaval. It reminds you that sorrow and sufferings are part of life and we cannot grow stronger without embracing the pain and hardships.


When the Three of Swords is upright, it signifies a period of melancholy. You may experience a phase of sadness and disappointment caused as a result of certain unexpected events. This card represents that your heart is inflicted with the harsh words, actions, and wrong intentions of the people you trust. This has caused you to fall into the pit of loneliness and sorrow. The presence of the card indicates betrayal and heartbreak tearing your soul apart and as a result you end up feeling abandoned. The feeling of rejection will take over your mind. While things are hard and disillusioned, it enables you to accept the mishaps and move forward with life. The card tells you to think logically and learn from all these experiences encouraging you to accept the problems and move forward to get rid of your troubles and the best way to do that right now is to take a leap of faith and forgive the people who caused you pain.


The Three of Swords reversed is pointing towards the pain and heartbreak you have recently suffered in a relationship due to a break-up, a rough patch, by harsh words or losing a loved one. This card suggests that after the suffering, you are finally moving on the path to recover from the pain. The Three of Swords reversed wants you to see the silver lining of the clouds of sorrow that are hovering over your mind.You are suggested to stop bothering about what others are saying about you if you want to save yourself from the pain caused by the harsh words of those around you.

You might be suppressing yourself and trying to forget the traumatic memories. Negative thoughts are still accompanying you. Stay positive with your efforts and let yourself free from past afflictions.


In a love Tarot reading, The Three of Swords is a sign of sorrow and conflict. It indicates that there are some serious issues in your relationship which need to be addressed. You are unable to come out of your past memories which is the major cause of your heartache. This minor arcana card signifies breakup and separation so you may feel cheated and as a result nasty arguments and conflicts may incur bitterness in your love relationships. Things can be better if you learn to forgive and forget.

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