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Three of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Collaboration, Team work, Apprenticeship, Learning


The Three of Pentacles displays an artisan using his tools for carving out a design on the wall of a big church. Two architects are facing him, holding the design for the structure. Delicate designs engraved on the high ceilings proclaim that all three of them are highly proficient in their artistry. They seem to be discussing the progress of their work. The architects have faith in the knowledge of the artisan as they work in collaboration with each other. Their body language indicates that the young artisan, even though less experienced, has a great contribution in the completion of the church.

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The Three of Pentacles symbolizes teamwork, collaboration and competence. It is one of the three cards in the tarot deck that represents group or team. It is a positive card to surface in a tarot card reading and indicates overcoming the challenges that seem impossible. This card signifies that every person has a different role to play in a task and by working as a team, it is possible to create something that wouldn’t have been possible if everyone were to work individually.


An Upright Three of Pentacles talks about the importance of varied ideas and level of knowledge and experience in a joint effort partnership. Even though the background, knowledge, experience and prowess of different team members are different, but a properly finished product can only be obtained if all of them use their learning and insights in collaboration. The Upright Three of Pentacles in your reading is a positive card for implementation of plans and indicates that now is the time when you should realize that you have the ability and the resources to attain your goals. This is a card of inspiration and directs you that you are finally moving on the right path to fulfill your dreams, and your competence is helping you proceed in your tasks. This card guides you to design a detailed plan and use your management skills to complete a project with perfection.


A reversed Three of Pentacles describes the team member’s disregard for each others proficiency where everyone is aiming at making themselves look great. Gaining superiority is the major goal of the participants of the group that ultimately leads to the failure of the project. If you get a reversed Three of Pentacles in your reading, it is a sign that you need to create rules for collaboration in your team and acknowledge even the little efforts of every team member, in order to make them feel respected. The reversed Three of Pentacles also shows that you like working alone and end up wasting your skills on rather ordinary tasks that don’t do any justice to your competence. It is most likely that you are feeling unappreciated and neglected. Try working on finding organizations that actually value your prowess.


Three of Pentacles in a love tarot reading indicates that the efforts you are putting in making your romantic life better are finally paying off. If you are single, it is possible that your crush will certainly respond to your intentions. In a relationship, you and your partner are working together to build a lifelong connection and security for the future life. However, if you are feeling that your relationship is a bit off, consider counselling to resolve the issues in your love life.

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