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The Tower Keywords

UPRIGHT : Destruction, Unforeseen Changes, Confusion, New Start


The Tower symbolizes destruction or upheaval. The card depicts a huge tower burning in flames on the top of a rocky mountain. Lightning strikes are there and people are falling out of the building in order to protect themselves. The Tower represents darkness, destruction and demolition. This destruction is associated with physical self rather than the spiritual self. The thunder lightning signifies breaking of old patterns giving way to new paths. It is similar to sudden revelation of truth that enlightens a person and removes all the doubts and ignorance. The tall tower signifies desires and aspirations founded on false grounds. Grey clouds in the background representing misfortune and bad luck are showering on everyone without any discrimination.

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The Tower is the sixteenth Tarot card of the Tarot deck. The card symbolizes unexpected or unforeseen events. The appearance of the Tower points towards an experience that is dreadful at first sight but is very important to eliminate your false ideas and beliefs. The card indicates a sudden crisis which will eventually lay foundation for a better and fulfilling life. The Tower is ruled by Aries zodiac sign and Planet Mars and is associated with element Fire.


The Tower in the upright position signifies destruction, renovation, crisis and unexpected changes. The card points towards an unexpected drastic experience in life that will turn your world upside down. You will feel insecure, shaken and mentally disturbed. One catastrophic event will change your perspective and you will question your approach, beliefs and position. You may feel shaken deep within and this will have a strong impact on you physically, mentally and spiritually.

When the Upright Tower Tarot Card appears, it destroys everything around it to create something new. It compels you to realize the truth through the most shocking events. The card makes you aware of freedom, liberation and reality. It urges you to shatter your guards and show your true self to the world. The Tower tells that the more you will try to escape, the more the Universe will draw you closer to reality and truth. There will be destruction of old patterns and you would be forced to accept the new changes.


The reversed Tower Tarot card represents fear of accepting the changes. It reflects that you are scared of transformation and are deliberately delaying to make changes despite realizing its need desperately. The card says that this is the hardest time for you but you need to get over it. You need to accept the changes and prepare yourself for a new and important phase of your life. The Tower indicates that this is a temporary phase and your current discomfort is indispensable for bringing the necessary changes in your life. Stakes may be high and there will be risk. But, you need to go through it. You have no choice. So, do not resist yourself. Do not be scared. The tough phase shall pass and you will see the dawn after the darkest hour. You will accomplish your goals and wil find a new belief system. The reversed Tower signifies that a sudden disaster is about to come. So, be prepared and act accordingly as you have the power to avert it.


In a love reading, the Tower points towards a relationship that is clouded with constant disagreements, fights and arguments. It is a sign that your relationship is on the verge of breaking up and if you both are able to weather the storm that is coming, you will be able to build a much stronger bond and a deeper connection. And, if not, then separation is highly likely.

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