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The Sun Keywords

UPRIGHT : New Beginnings, Happiness, Success, Positivity


The Sun is symbolic to positivity, warmth and optimism. It is the source of light that fills every nook and cranny with hope and happiness. In the card, the shining sun at the top signifies the source of life. A naked child playing happily in the front is a sign of our innocence and points towards the face that we all are connected to a divine power which is running the entire Universe. The nakedness of the child is an indication that he has nothing to hide or conceal. His look is genuine and innocent. The white colored horse symbolizes authority and judgement. It stands without a saddle and has a child sitting on it. He is sitting calmly and has controlled the horse only with his hands signifying an ideal balance between conscious and subconscious. He has a long banner in his left hand. Straight as well as wavy rays of the Sun are shining over it reflecting action and reaction. In the background, the blooming sunflowers symbolizes prosperity under the dominance of the Sun. The four sunflowers are symbolic to the four fundamental elements, basic building blocks of the different forms of life. This Tarot card is ruled by the Planet Sun.

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The Sun tarot is the sign of joy, happiness and fulfillment. It indicates how the whole Universe comes together to help you in accomplishing your goals and establishing harmony and balance.


The Sun in the upright position is the symbol of hope, liveliness and prosperity. Like the Sun, the card brings zest and optimism to one’s life. It indicates that you are at the pinnacle right now with full of confidence and strength. Things are in your favor and the Sun is shining bright over you. It is guiding you to achieve great things and finding pleasures of life. The card is the big “Yes” to everything in life. It signifies simplicity and creativity. The Sun promises success and ensures great opportunities. All your need to do is to stay focused and consistent to the approach you were following. The upright Sun tarot encourages you to enjoy the liberty by leading a simple life and doing what makes you happy. The card is the sign that you may be waiting for. It comes up as a ray of hope suggesting success and abundance after a period of hardships. The Sun inspires you to keep moving forward for there is good news that is awaiting for you on the way.


The reversed Sun tarot card represents difficulty in considering the positive aspects. It indicates that you are overthinking and your sense of judgement is overshadowed by doubts and suspicions. It is not allowing you to move forward and accomplish your targets. You are not enjoying your work and are thus in great despair. You may be facing troubles in your family and experiencing depression and worries. All this will take time and there is no chance to get out of this mental slump soon. The card indicates that you may be too hopeful or have set unrealistic expectations. You need to be more thoughtful this time and have to use your conscience to get over these situations.


The Sun in a love reading is a really positive omen. It is a sign of fulfillment, happiness and celebration in love. This card is an indication that your bond with your partner is really strong and there are chances of your relationship moving to the next level. It is a card of new beginnings, so it brings good news for singles too.

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