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The Star Keywords

UPRIGHT : Hope, Opportunity, Revival, Spirituality


The Star Tarot symbolizes hope. It represents new beginnings and inspires people. The card depicts a naked woman near the pond. She is kneeling down with one foot on the dry land and the other foot in the water. She is holding two water containers in her both hands. One pot is used to nourish the earth representing lush greenery in its surroundings. The other pot is used for filling the five water springs, representing five senses of human beings. Behind her shines eight stars that symbolizes eight chakras. It emphasizes that one should open up, tune in with their souls and purify the surrounding energy. Her foot in the water indicates her great intuitive power and her deep connection with herself. The foot on the land represents her logical and rational approach towards everything.

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The Star is the seventeenth card of Major Arcana Tarot. When it turns up, it inspires people and invokes faith and hope. The appearance of the Star in the tarot readings is a good omen. It indicates that the Universe has blessed you and it will help you to attain your goals. The card represents fruitful and positive foreseen possibilities. It renews hope and brings a positive transformation in your life. Aquarius rules the Star Tarot while it is associated with Planet Uranus and element Air.


The Star tarot in the upright position signifies faith and hope. It is a sign of opportunities and blessings in the future. When the card appears in your reading, it is an indication you may have struggled a lot in your past and that time is over now. This is the time when you will heal and can see renewal and transformation in your life. It signifies that you are about to enter a new and beautiful phase in your life and with this you will experience peace, stability and gain better understanding. The card urges you to trust yourself and believe in the plans of the Universe. It tells that a bright future is waiting for you and you will be able to achieve your dreams only if you trust that whatever you aspire is possible. Now, there is no room for negative emotions as you are moving towards a secure, stable and fulfilling future.

The Upright position of the Star tarot is an indication that you feel more confident now. You believe in yourself and your self esteem and reputation has improved. The card encourages you to trust your abilities and believe in your inner power. The Star represents inspiration and is a sign of spiritual beliefs. It shows that you feel more inclined towards spirituality and aspire to find your life purpose and meaning.


The Star in the reversed position represents negativity, disappointments, and grief. It indicates that you are facing challenges and experiencing setbacks at present. Things are not in your favour and you are getting drawn towards negativity. You are drained due to discouraging thoughts and are in a constant feeling of things slipping away from your hands. You might have given up or lost all the hopes. The card tells that, in such troubled times, look for the reasons of grief and disappointment. Try to overcome your fears and insecurities. Get rid of the past baggage and move in the direction of positivity and hope. This is not the time when you should feel overwhelmed with the negative emotions. Thus, surpass all the obstacles in your way and renew your spirit and reconnect with your inner self.


The Star is a card of hope and healing. It is a good omen in love, and signifies that all the issues and misunderstandings in your relationship will get resolved soon and there will be love and happiness in your life. The Star also blesses you with a distinct charm and it is a good omen for those who are single.

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