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The Moon Keywords

UPRIGHT : Sub-conscious, Deception, Insecurity, Intuition


The Moon is the symbol of intuition and the subconscious. It is not luminous but it reflects the rays of the Sun. The light of The Moon is dim and cannot guide you through the way, similar to an unconscious state. In the card, the pool at the bottom signifies a subconscious mind. The crayfish crawling out of it represents inward attention and following a conscious approach. A dog and wolf are standing on both the sides of the running stream, rising out of the pool. Both the beasts represent the animalistic side of humans. Dog signifies the domestic and civilized aspects while wolf represents wild and untamed aspects of a person’s mind. Two towers are visible around the stream at a distance, symbolizing duality of nature. The Moon tarot indicates the way we tend to walk on a thin line between reality and unconsciousness. On the far side, two towers symbolize good and evil. Both are identical and thus it implies- how we are unable to differentiate between both good and evil aspects.

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The Moon Tarot card signifies delusion and trickery. The card is an indication that you find it difficult to make a decision. It tells that things are not always the way they seem to be. There are chances that you are facing challenges to understand and deal with the confusing situation.


The Moon is interpreted in two ways. One, the illusionary world that you are living is taking a toll on you in real life. You are following an uncertain path that seems promising now but could be dangerous in the future. You may be behaving like a crayfish that is making its way to the real world. The shining Moon is guiding you and bringing you into the light of truth and clarity. It is invoking a strong sense of distinction in you. Listen to your intuitions and make wise judgements. Also, be cautious of the things that instill anxiety and affect your decisive abilities. The card is an indication that you should be aware of the possible outcomes of your decisions. It encourages you to eliminate the surrounding negativity and turn the available opportunities in your favor. The Moon also indicates that you are in an illusion. What you feel to be true can be a big well crafted lie. You should not believe what you see but be cautious of the appearances.


The Moon in a reversed position shows that negative aspects of The Moon exist in your life. It may be in the form of depression or unhappiness or confusion. You could feel confused about making decisions or initiating something. In this situation, the only way to move forward is to get rid of all your fears. The insecurities and fears drive you back into unconsciousness and lead you to a dark pit of negative energies. Alternatively, The Moon suggests that the clouds of illusion are fading away and you are finally able to get clarity about things.


The Moon is the card of deception, so in love, you need to be really cautious when this tarot makes an appearance. The Moon is a sign that there are secrets in your relationship and there is more than meets the eye. You should not trust people easily.

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