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The Magician Keywords

UPRIGHT : Skills, Determination, Resourcefulness, Manifesting Powers


The symbolic significance of the Magician in a Tarot deck is quite profound. In the card, we can see that there is a man wearing a robe with his one hand pointing upwards to the sky and the other to the Earth. By this action, the man is basically drawing our attention towards the extremities in general and the extremities of life. With the Earth (the ground) reflecting the skies above, the Magician tells us that the outside world is reflected from what is within us. The numbering of this card is 1 which is a juncture where everything begins. This tarot card symbolizes the spiritual energy as well as the material world. Above the head of the man is a sign of infinity and around his waist is a snake that is biting its tail, and both the signs represent the eternal universe.

In the card, it can be seen that all the four Tarot suits are lying on his table, each suit representing the different elements of nature- Air, Fire, Water, Earth. These elements are related to the heart, mind, body and soul in the genesis process. The man is wearing a white robe which is a symbol of purity. There is a red cloak wrapped on his shoulders which tells us about his intellect and his worldly possessions. There is a mix of red and white lilies on his heels which also represent the two opposite aspects of life.

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The appearance of the Magician in a Tarot reading bestows you with innate skills, abilities, acquisitions that are required for success. It blesses you with the power to manifest your goals and desires with your grit and determination. This is the card of action and pushes you to make full use of the resources you have at hand, rather than relying on destiny. The Magician also means transformation, in a positive way.


The Magician in an upright position blesses you with the energy and the capability to attain the desired success and achieve whatever you wish to in life. You have the support of the Divine, but your actions will determine where you reach in life. With this card in your reading, you have the power to manifest your goals and fulfill your dreams. You can forge ahead on the path of success making the most of your abilities and the resources that you have at hand. Any challenge or problem, you come across, you will be able to get past it owing to your innovative approach to resolve them. This tarot card comes to give you an advice to focus all your attention and channelize your complete energy into the specific goal you wish to accomplish. Also, it warns you to be wary of any such circumstance that could shatter your confidence and lower your energy levels.


The Magician in a reversed position comes as a wake-up call. It tells you that your life is in dire need of change and upliftment. You have been feeling down lately and things are not in a good shape, so the Magician is telling you to muster some energy and put your life back on track. It can be said that it is time for you to make some changes in your life. This card also depicts that there might be a lot of confusion and a sense of indecisiveness around, so you will have to be extremely cautious while making any choice. It also indicates that you are not using your full potential in any aspect of your life. Try and find some good opportunities to make a good use of the talent that you possess. not putting your capabilities to good use. You need to find better opportunities so that you can maximize your talent.


The Magician tarot in love also calls for you to take action to manifest the love that you desire. It tells you to put in the effort that is needed to make things work in your love life. Even if you are single, you will have to create opportunities to meet someone special. This card can bring a lot of excitement in your love life and even give you the power and desire to experiment in love.

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