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The Lovers Keywords

UPRIGHT : Love, Passion, Choice, Partnership


The Lovers tarot is associated with the zodiac sign, Gemini. The card depicts a man and woman protected by the angels above their head. The angels in the heavenly clouds here represent physical desires. The lovers seem happy and delighted in the surroundings giving an impression of Eden Garden. Behind the woman there is a fruit laden tree with a snake around. The snake and tree represents the dark side of human temptation into the mortifying realm of lust and sensual pleasures. The angel in the centre is known as Raphael, the angel of air, and the ruler of corresponding zodiac sign, Gemini. Air in this imagery signifies mental stability, physical well being and good communication. The fierce flames beside the man symbolizes the burning passion that causes the downfall of humanity, making it a major concern. These are twelve flames that represent twelve zodiac signs. In the imagery, the man is staring at the woman who is looking upwards into the sky. This entire imagery suggests that path of conscious to subconscious to spirituality. The Lovers tarot has a strong phallic imagery in its background showing mountains and river flowing through it. All this indicates that despite the differences, there is a perfect balance between opposite entities in the world such as man and woman, good and evil.

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The Lovers tarot is a card of couples. In the tarot card reading, the appearance of the Lovers signifies important decisions that need to be made in love and relationships. It also suggests the transition into a new phase of life. The card tells you that every decision counts. You need to be very careful while making decisions if you desire long lasting outcomes.


The upright Lovers card symbolizes attraction, harmony and stability in a relationship. It indicates that you and your partner can overcome any hurdles in life. Your relationship is established on strong foundations and both of you have immense trust in your bond. The love alliance is quite strong and signifies successful marriage compatibility. It highlights passionate connection, physical as well as spiritual and intense romance between partners. The Lovers card points towards extraordinary sexual connect that is beyond lust and momentary attraction. The Card represents a firm belief and mutual understanding to pursue life goals. The appearance of the Lovers is an indication that you have set your priorities in your marriage. Moreover, the Lovers in the upright position shows crossroads or moral dilemmas that you may face in the near future. Be cautious and make any decision after evaluating all the possibilities. Do not be stern. Be flexible and follow your instincts.


The Lovers in the reversed position indicates that you are escaping from taking ownership of your actions. The decisions you made in a rush, influenced by your materialistic desires and momentary gratifications, are resulting in negative outcomes. The card also indicates a lack of balance in the relationship. It is a sign that you and your partner are not on the same page. It suggests that you are scared of expressing your feelings and feel that it might not go well. The reversed Lovers tarot urges to maintain balance and mutual harmony in the relationship.


To get the Lovers in a love reading is the most positive sign. It is a card of romance, intense passion and commitment. With the presence of this card, there is nothing you have to worry about in love and romance related matters.

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