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The High Priestess Keywords

UPRIGHT : Mystery, Intuition, Spiritual Knowledge


The High Priestess is popularly known as Atermis, Isisi, Presephone and Corn Maiden. It portrays a strong female sitting on a cube right in the middle of darkness and light. On either side, there are two pillars that symbolize Solomon temple pillars, Jachin and Boaz with each having the engraving of their respective initials. The Pillar on the left, Jachin, represents the foundation, while Boaz, the right side pillar represents stability and strength. These two pillars indicate duality of nature, i.e, masculine and feminine, good and evil, heaven and hell. The way the High Priestess is sitting on the cube indicates that she is a significant channel between the two extremities of the real world. For her, the two pillars on either side are very important for survival. The High Priestess wears a crown on her head that belongs to lady Isis. It indicates that she has immense faith in magic and mystique. She has a solar cross around her neck that represents an equilibrium or a balance between masculinity and femininity. She holds Torah close to her knees that is half revealed signifying great knowledge and philosophical teachings. The crescent moon at her feet represents her as a divine ruler over other powers and the blossoming pomegranates in the background indicates her endeavours in the near future.

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The High Priestess is the card of mystery, dormancy and intuitive insights. It signifies a steady self- belief that can not be shaken. In the picture, the Corn Maiden urges to evaluate the situations and rely on your own abilities to overcome the difficult circumstances. It also tells that the surroundings can be misleading and deceptive. The High Priestess wants you to trust your gut in every situation.


The High Priestess brings forth your inner voice. The appearance of the card indicates that you need to listen to your inner calling and follow what it tells you. It inspires you to follow your hunches rather than relying on logic. The High Priestess is portrayed as a bridge between a person and their inner self. It suggests you to get deep into your subconscious mind through dreams and pay heed to the signs in daily life. When the card is drawn, it means that now you need to rely more on your intuition for finding the answers of your most pressing questions. This time you need to prefer your intuitive side over the logic. In the upright position, the High Priestess comes up as a card of revelation. It indicates the changes that may prove significant in your life at this point. It draws your attention towards the changing dynamics which may appear firm now but won’t last long in the coming time. The High Priestess is a welcoming card for people in creative fields as the card represents great intuitive abilities signifying amazing creative skills and abilities.


The High Priestess in the reversed position tells you that you are completely ignoring your inner self. It indicates that you are not listening to your inner voice and have shut down your subconscious. It shows that you are relying on logic and reasoning more than your intuitions. The card is an indication that this is the time to listen to your intuition and follow them as there can be life changing answers that may be underlying within you. The reversed High Priestess symbolizes mystery and thus warns you against the conspiracies that are running behind you.


The High Priestess in love represents intense passion inside but a calm demeanor outside. With this card coming in your love reading, it would be difficult for you to express your thoughts and feelings to someone. It tells you to be patient in love as there could be certain things hidden from you. Trust your gut and tread cautiously.

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