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The Hierophant Keywords

UPRIGHT : Tradition, Education, Marriage, Guidance


The Hierophant is also known as the 'Priest' or the 'Pope' in few Tarot decks. It is the male counterpart of the High Priestess card and is popularly known as Shaman in certain scriptures. The card is ruled by the zodiac sign, Taurus. Depicted as a holy figure, the Hierophant sits in a conventional church environment. The religious figure wears three detailed vestments from his clergy that signifies three different worlds. Like The Magician, he raises his right hand for the invocation of blessings. He holds a triple Cross in the left hand that is associated with the formal gear. The Cross exhibits three parallel horizontal bars that signify Holy Ghost, the father and the son. Two henchmen sit next to him signifying exchange of knowledge from the holy Church to the learner. Through these two henchmen, the Hierophant enlightens the path of knowledge and education. The Tarot card is often linked with collective groups such as religious groups, schools , sports clubs etc.

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The Hierophant represents the Pope of the medieval period that symbolized traditional values and religious convention. The card represents conventional rituals such as marriage in accordance with the custom and traditions. It focuses on education, learning and knowledge. The acolytes under the Hierophant in the card depicts academic accomplishments or intellectual progress.


The Hierophant in the upright position is symbolic to conventional approach. It indicates that you want to follow a traditional pattern and have set boundaries around you. For accomplishing your tasks, you prefer tried and tested methods instead of following a creative approach. The card indicates that you will go as per expectations. It signifies that you should not change your way and follow this traditional way of thinking.

The Hierophant card represents that you are ready to be a part of an institution or collective group such as a religious entity or recreational group or sports club. The card clearly indicates that you connect with a group and are thinking to learn more about them.

The Hierophant card symbolizes the institutional form of learning. It shows that you may indulge in a learning related to religious sects and their history. The Pope depicted in the Hierophant represents the bridge between the divinity and humanity. This means that it connects the spiritual realm to the physical world through the way of divination. Sacred matters and righteous values such as partnership, marriage, servitude etc, are epitomized by the Hierophant.


The Hierophant in the reversed position is an indication that you are stuck in the rules and regulations and may go against the authority breaking all the structure. The card signifies inclination towards unconventional ways or a different course of action to pursue any endeavor you undertake. This is the same as the teenager who is an insurgent and questions every custom that is prevalent in society. The Hierophant reversed represents that you do not want to go with the flow. You want to move free and do not agree with the existing authority.


The Hierophant is the card of traditions and customs, so when it comes in a love reading, it is a sign of a strong commitment. Marriage is one of the interpretations of this card. If you are single, then you might meet someone who shares the same goals as you do and it could turn into a bond of a lifetime.

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