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The Hermit Keywords

UPRIGHT : Introspection, Solitude, Reflect, Soul-Searching


The Hermit is standing on the top of a great mountain with a lantern in the right hand. The mountain signifies growth, fulfillment and success. He has attained the highest state of awareness and has reached the zenith of his intellect. The Hermit now desires to spread his immense knowledge with people who are less fortunate. He is persistent towards his goals and committed to pursue the path of knowledge, learning and enlightenment. The lantern in his right hand has a six pointed star inside representing the seal of Solomon, symbolizing wisdom. On the other hand, the Hermit is holding a long Staff that is a patriarch’s sign, representing his strong authority and great control over the power. His Posture represents that he has the ability to use his solitude to spread wisdom and awareness onto the world. The cloak of invisibility is his art to preach which is exclusive and not for everyone. It is only for those who are eager to learn and worthy of wisdom and in a real sense, capable of becoming his disciples. At his feet, the scattered snow symbolizes intellectual zenith. In the roman notation, Number Nine is written representing accomplishment, achievement and success. The entire imagery of the Hermit suggests that Truth always prevails, no matter what.

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The Hermit represents self introspection. It indicates that you are in deep contemplation and seeking the answers that lie within you. The card shows that you are experiencing a deep sense of seclusion where you have detached yourself from the external world and exploring the new 'you'.


The Hermit in the upright position indicates that you are considering the matters that are on the top of your priorities list at present. You are evaluating yourself and completely relying now on your intuitive abilities to find the answers that are hidden inside you. The card signifies that you are disposed towards self exploration and seeking what you know already within. The appearance of the Hermit is a sign of spiritual inclination. You are seeking spirituality for mental solace which has eluded you for quite long. When the Hermit is drawn in the tarot spread, it urges you to realize your inner potential and channel your energy into the things that are worthy and important. It inspires you to help the less fortunate and show compassion. The card indicates that you are more thoughtful now. You have the ability to think beyond the constraining aspects and rise above the feelings of self criticism and selfishness. The Hermit is an indication that you must respect the wisdom that you carry. You should reflect on your values and credibility so that you may pave your own path of self satisfaction. The card invites you to know the wise and experienced person that is hidden within you.


The reversed Hermit tarot card represents that you are either not considerate towards the potential that you possess or spending too much time over it. The card encourages you to connect with yourself spiritually and give yourself more time and space to self reflect. If you have suffered setbacks or have experienced any traumatizing event recently, then the card inspires you to find your way again. It urges you to reflect on your inner self and rise from the ashes. The Hermit in the reversed position also indicates that you are holding yourself back from the outer world. You may not be socializing or meeting people and staying in self imposed isolation like a Hermit. The card urges you to reconnect and tune in with your inner self.


The Hermit is a card of loneliness and solitude, so it cannot be called a good omen in love. It wants you to be alone for a while, collect your thoughts and introspect about love and its meaning for you in your life. You might have to stay apart from your partner for a while. And, if you are single, then do not expect love to knock at your door when Hermit makes an appearance.

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