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The Hanged Man Keywords

UPRIGHT : Sacrifice, Uncertainty, Change of Perspective


As the name indicates, The Hanged man tarot card depicts a man hanging upside down. It symbolizes surrender and signifies utmost sacrifice. In the card, the man is suspended from a tree in the reversed position. Known as the “Living World Tree”, the tree is holding up the Heaven and has its roots in the world that is beneath him. The man in the card has calm expressions which indicate that he is hanging here willingly. His right foot is tied to the tree and his left foot is hanging free, bending behind the right leg. The hands of the man are folded behind his back. He is wearing an attire with different colors signifying important meanings. The red trousers represent body and feelings of passion, the blue vest suggests knowledge and the yellow shoes represent beliefs and principles. Around the man, there is a bright halo representing enlightenment and supreme spiritual knowledge. The grey colored background suggests that you should never boast about your knowledge and spiritual awareness and always stay humble.

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The Hanged man, ruled by Neptune, is the twelfth card of a tarot deck. When the Hanged man appears in the tarot reading, it reminds you to pause for a while. It urges you to suspend your actions or hold your decisions for sometime. The card is an indication to sacrifice or suspend something for good. The Hanged man asks to break the old patterns and get rid of the things that are not beneficial.


When the upright Hanged man appears in a tarot reading, it signifies indecision. It reminds you that you need to pause and postpone your decisions for some time. Holding up your decision at present may make way for new possibilities and opportunities that could be more beneficial and helpful to grow further. The Hanged man is also the sign of restrictions in your life. You may feel stuck or constricted. The card urges you to let go of these feelings and open up. It wants you to go on a retreat for emotional purging.

The appearance of the upright Hanged man urges for change in the perception. It indicates that you need to see yourself in a new light and this is the reason things are suspended and paused for some time. It is the time to discover yourself and make positive changes that you want to see in your life. The card asks you to sacrifice your temptations in the present so that you may accomplish higher goals in the future. The Hanged man wants you to steer your life towards your ultimate goal and live a life of fulfillment.


The reversed Hanged man represents missing opportunities, lack of change and feeling of being stuck. It indicates that you are sacrificing too much without getting anything in return. Your hard work is going in vain and you may be not able to move anywhere from your place. Your life has become stagnant and you have lost the confidence in your abilities. The card suggests that you are delaying a decision thinking that it will get sorted out on its own. But, things may not work like this, You need to take decisions if you want things to bounce back to normal. It can also be said that you have turned self centered and arrogant. You may not be ready to sacrifice and surrender even if it is for your greater good.


In love, the Hanged Man comes as a sign of uncertainty or even sacrifice. It comes as a reminder for you to not rush into things. Take your love life one step at a time and let it evolve gradually. The Hanged Man tells you to go with the flow, what is meant to be will come to you on its own.

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