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The Fool Keywords

UPRIGHT : New Beginning, Adventure, Leap of Faith, Spontaneity


The Fool tarot portrays a happy young man marching fearlessly into a new unknown world. It seems that it is just the beginning of his new journey and the man is quite enthusiastic about it and is striding ahead with full vigor. There is nothing but a bale which he is carrying in his hand for the tough situations that he might come across in this journey. The Fool is numbered zero which in a way is indicative of the infinite possibilities and opportunities that are waiting for this young man in his path ahead. Rather, there is a strong possibility of him encountering a challenging situation as it can be clearly seen that he is looking at the beautiful snow-capped mountains unaware of the dangerous cliff that lies below him. One reckless step and he could fall. But, somehow this risk and danger does not bother the young man. Infact, it is difficult to understand whether the man is unaware, too naive or too courageous. The dog with him is barking continuously to draw his attention towards the dangerous cliff. And, if the young man does not realize how risky his endeavor is and takes a suitable action, all the hopes and dreams he had might not come to fruition.

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In a Major Arcana Tarot deck, the Fool is the first card numbered zero. This tarot epitomizes risks, new adventure, a new beginning, immense belief in oneself and somewhat a carefree and reckless attitude. It is indeed a good omen if you are beginning something new as it brings beginners luck with itself. The presence of this card advises you to take the leap of faith but always think things through.


The Fool in an upright position is a symbol of the beginning of a new journey. It bestows an innate confidence in you, the confidence to take risks and to weed out any such thing that restricts your growth or comes in the way of your path ahead. The Fool encourages you to think positively and take that leap of faith, believing in the Universe and believing in yourself. Any opportunity that knocks your door, with the Fool in your reading, you will have the courage to take up that opportunity irrespective of how impractical it may seem. It is the perfect tarot card to receive if you anytime tend to question your judgement. The Fool instills immense energy in you that enables you to begin new ventures, explore the unknown, take risks, and grab new opportunities. With the Fool around, take your chances!


The Fool in a reversed position is a symbol of carelessness and a daredevil approach which is not taking you in the right direction. It indicates that you are blindly doing things or taking actions without realizing the consequences of the same. It is good to be a risk-taker but without calculated moves and a practical approach, you might end up in dire straits. A reversed Fool in your reading implies that you are ignoring all the red flags like an actual fool. In a reading, this card comes as a warning sign, a sign for you to not get carried away and do everything with caution to avoid severe repercussions. Danger and uncertainty are the primary meanings of the reversed Fool.


The appearance of the Fool in a love reading can be a good omen as well as a bad one. If you are single, or in the initial stage of your relationship, then this card is a blessing. The Fool indicates a new beginning and there will be a lot of passion, enthusiasm, energy and a newfound sense of love in your relationship, if it is new. But, if you are looking for commitment, then the Fool is not the right card for you. The Fool indicates a person who does not want to get tied to something. Love is surely there in the relationship, but for commitment, you will have to wait and see how things unfold.

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