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The Empress Keywords

UPRIGHT : Abundance, Nurture, Family, Opportunity


The Empress is an epitome of feminine energy. She is an archetype of Mother earth, the goddess of abundance and fertility. In the card, she is portrayed as an elegant woman with blonde hair having an appearance of the Empress. She has a messmerizing aura around her and is ruled by the planet of love and sensuality, Venus. She has a crown on her head that is made of stars. It indicates that she is closely connected to the magical world of angels. She wears a robe printed with pomegranates, representing success, prosperity and growth. She sits upon a distinctive array of cushions and floating red velvet cloth that is bedecked with the grace of Venus. In the background, the lush green abundant forest and winding streams signifies the deep love connection of the Empress with nature. The entire scenery is rejuvenating and refreshing, offering positive energy and life. Close to her feet, there are blooming wheat springs which signifies opulence from the harvest.

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The Empress symbolizes warmth and nurturing abilities. It is viewed as a card that is closely connected to motherly love. The card represents opulence and prosperity. It is a welcoming card for a new life. If you are planning for a family or even a new business, the appearance of the Empress is the approval from the Universe.


The Empress in the upright position represents femininity which is interpreted in various forms such as fertility, motherhood, beauty, charm and sexuality. The tarot cards urges you to bring forth your feminine aspects. The appearance of the Empress signifies good news and is often associated with pregnancy. It symbolizes life's pleasures that means getting in touch with your inner self. It calls on you to love yourself, let your hair down and take a break from your busy schedule. The upright Empress card honors compassion and nurturing and with its appearance one experiences a rise of motherly instincts within oneself. It enables you to be compassionate to others and treat others with warmth and love. When you will become generous and considerate towards others, you will find positive changes in your life and will feel more free to express yourself. When you draw The Empress in your reading, you take things in your hands and make wise choices. You realize that all the happy coincidences may be a clustered consequence of your efforts and you should feel more grateful for everything around you. Moreover, as the archetype of Mother Earth, the Empress inspires you to connect more with nature.


The Empress in the reversed position represents relegation. It indicates that you are consigned to an inferior position to fulfill others’ emotional needs and materialistic desires. The card indicates that you are confused and unable to make choices due to lack of concentration and personal struggles. Hence, you need self introspection and tune in with your inner self. The reversed Empress card indicates that you are looking for missing connections and have no clue how to find them. This may make you dull and agitated for no reason. The tarot card also indicates a time of emotional upheaval when you need to follow the High Priestess that always listens to what her inner voice says.


The Empress is undoubtedly a good omen in a love reading. With this card coming in your reading, your relationship will surely go to the next level. It speaks of a stable, secure and committed love as pregnancy is also one of the indications of this card. For singles also, this card comes with an opportunity to meet someone special.

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