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The Emperor Keywords

UPRIGHT : Dominance, Stability, Leadership, Power


The Emperor is the complementary energy of the Empress. He is the epitome of masculinity, the father and the patriarch. In the card, the Emperor is portrayed as a strong person sitting on the throne with heads of four rams, symbolizing the zodiac Aries. In the right hand of the Emperor is a scepter that represents his authority and power as a ruler. On the left hand is an orb that represents the realm that he rules. He has a long shaggy beard that indicates his invaluable experience he gained through all these years. With the passage of time, he has learned to use his powers effectively for serving his subjects and seeking the well being of his people.

In the background is a majestic mountain range which signifies that he has strong determination, aspirations and leadership skills to attain great heights. The Emperor rules with an iron fist. However, he has a softer side, represented by the fields of the kingdom that pervades prosperity and kinship.

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The Emperor is symbolic to strength. It represents that everything is in control and there is stability in life. The card tells that everything that you have achieved is the result of your hard work and if you continue working with the same vigour, you will find success and growth coming your way. It indicates that you lead from the front and like an emperor, always have a decisive say in every matter. You exercise a strong authority and prefer making your own rules and setting your own limits.


The Emperor speaks of power. It symbolizes authority and indicates rules and regulations. The Emperor is represented as a visionary who has a clarity of thought. It indicates that you work with strategy without any trickery and deception. The Emperor believes that building a Kingdom is as important as establishing structure and order. The appearance of the Emperor signifies that you are growing and accomplishing your goals. It shows that if you chase your dreams with the same determination and courage, success will be yours. It also means that you will be in charge of important matters on personal and professional fronts. You may be called to lead groups and restore discipline and order.


The Emperor in the reversed position indicates misuse of power. Such a person can be dominating and controlling in nature. He may not consider others' views but impose his decisions. The appearance of the Emperor is not a welcoming sign. It brings unpleasant outcomes on the overuse or abuse of authority. The card signifies that you have no self control, lack team spirit and are dismissive of authority. When the Emperor appears, it urges for change. It tells you to practice discipline and develop a sense of respect for the rules and order in life. The Emperor is an indication that you are not flexible. You need to adapt to changes and learn how to control things and situations around you.


The Emperor is the card of stability and security and this is what it brings with itself in a love tarot reading. You can expect commitment or your relationship moving to the next level when this card makes an appearance. Romance is not the strongest point of the Emperor, but you can surely expect a long-term alliance and honesty.

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