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The Devil Keywords

UPRIGHT : Addiction, Fear, Materialistic Approach


The Devil Tarot Card is a symbol of attachment to materialistic pleasures. The card is often depicted as a negative card. It shows a creature with an appearance of half human and half goat. The goat here represents a scapegoat, the one on which we put the entire blame of your mistakes and difficulties. Scapegoat is often used by people to put blame to somehow veil their inferiorities. The creature has a strong hypnotic gaze that mesmerizes everyone around. Above the Devil, the pentagram signifies dark energy of the occult science. The wings of Devil resemble the wings of vampire bats, animals that can suck the blood of humans. It signifies what happens when you submit yourself and give absolute power to your physical and materialistic desires.

At the foot of the Devil, a naked woman and man are standing chained to his chair. It seems that they are held forcefully with chains, but, if you look deeper, it is evident that the chains are loose and can be removed easily. The card suggests that discarding the domination of the Devil is a choice and one may easily free oneself from his materialistic temptations and desires by being self aware. The horns on the head of the man as well as the woman symbolize that they will also gradually turn into Devil depending on the duration for which they remain captive.

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The Devil is the fifteenth card of Tarot Deck. When the card appears in tarot reading, it signifies that you are chained by your desires and materialistic wants. Luxuries, extravagance and pleasures are binding your soul. You are hypnotized and bound by the materialistic world and there is no one who can help you to get over it, except your own self. The card indicates that you are living constantly in some fear or under dominance. The Devil is ruled by zodiac sign Capricorn and Planet Saturn. It is associated with element Earth.


The Devil in the upright position indicates that something is restricting you. You may be continuously feeling scared or chained to the powers of the Devil. The card represents the negative energies that are lying hidden within us. It signifies that you are bound to something which cannot be controlled. However, if you desire and desperately make an effort, you can lose the grips and break down these shackles.

The Devil represents addiction, pessimism and sorrow. It represents lack of willpower and dependencies. The card reminds that the power to surpass all the negative energies lies within you. You have the ability to break the patterns and get rid of the chains around you. Everything is in your hands. You may free yourself from all the bondages or dominations. All you need to do is to realize your potential, and take action to liberate yourself.


The Devil in the reversed position symbolizes self-realization. You are aware about the unhealthy relationships or things that have trapped you and you need to break these chains for your freedom. The card indicates change in your perspectives. It tells that now you are more keen to bring change in your life. You are ready to transform and have an idea that this may be a very difficult journey for you. Things may not be easy for you and you would have to strive hard to get over your fears, anxieties, and negative thoughts. But, do not lose hope. Stay determined towards your goal to achieve absolute freedom. Believe you can and you're halfway there.


The Devil tells everything that is wrong in your relationship. When this card makes an appearance in a love reading, it is highly likely that you are feeling trapped or chained in your present bond and are not able to come out of it. And, if you are single, then you might end up getting into a relationship merely out of temptation and it would not be the right choice for you.

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