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The Chariot Keywords

UPRIGHT : Journey, Ambition, Will-Power, Confidence


The Chariot tarot is associated with the zodiac, Cancer. This card depicts a brave warrior on a chariot with a canopy above his head. Two sphinx, a black one and a white one, drive the Chariot. Each sphinx represents the opposite and different forces that the charioteer must master. They are depicted sitting calmly, but at times they brawl to go in opposite directions. There are six white stars on the canopy. Two crescent-shaped moons can be seen on the shoulders of the charioteer. It signifies the cosmos that guide him on the way. He wears a crown that represents his patience and intellectual abilities. A square is shining on his chest symbolizing the Earth element. This keeps him close to his roots and makes him down to earth. The main purpose of the depicted Charioteer here is to steer the chariot towards its destination. The place representing the divine energies that the Charioteer signifies. He is using a wand to get guidance through the dark forest. The town or city in the background indicates lust and materialistic pleasures that has been left by the Charioteer to accomplish his goals.

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The Chariot speaks of rallying forward on the righteous path with an optimistic mindset. It inspires to continue with the hard work and perseverance for achieving success. The Chariot card urges you to stay away from distractions of the materialistic world and be focused towards your goals.


The Chariot in the upright position is a symbol of triumph. It indicates that you can overcome your fears with the help of your persistence and courageous approach. The card tells you that with these qualities you can achieve anything. It suggests that if you are self-dependent and committed to your goals, you may find amazing opportunities. In case you are feeling confused and indecisive about the available choices, then the Chariot is an indication that soon you will get clarity on the right path that you need to follow. The Universe has got your back and it will drive you forward to the path of success. When the Chariot appears, it urges you to assert yourself strongly. It is an indication that this is a phase when you will have to control your overflowing emotions and follow your instincts. You need to sway your anger. The appearance of the Chariot in the tarot readings indicates that you need to take control of your situations. Alternatively, the Chariot represents travel. You may drive to distant places or take a holiday or travel abroad for your professional commitments.


The Chariot in the reversed position hints towards losing control over temper and weak decision making abilities. It indicates that things are slipping from your hands and you have no control on the present circumstances. You may have lost your power and even get indulged in something that is risky or dangerous. The card indicates that you may not have a stable mind set now. You may be striving with your instincts. The reversed Chariot tarot card introduces the querent to its reality. It signifies that things won’t just be the way they are always. There will be constant changes and there will be times when you will have to deal with problems and difficulties by doing whatever you need to do.


The Chariot tarot in a love reading tells you to be cautious and to not get too emotionally invested in any relationship. This card with its appearance gives you the clarity you need to take wise decisions in love. It wants you to take your love life in control and you will get the desired happiness that you seek.

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