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Ten of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Family, Financial security, Inheritance, Abundance


The Ten of Pentacles depicts an old, grey haired man, draped in an elaborately designed robe, sitting with his two white dogs, which seem to be loyal to him, given that they are sitting at his feet. A young couple with a child is standing near the man, representing his family. This man seems to be a rich patriarch, who has managed to achieve abundance in his life and is now overjoyed with the fact that he can actually share his legacy with his loved ones. It is his success and achievements that are providing him and his family, with the financial security. The old man and his family have come together in their castle’s courtyard, depicting their comfort and prosperity. Their wealth seems to outgrow material comfort and extends to the comfort and connection that they share with their origin and home.

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The Ten of Pentacles stands for contribution, continuity and convention along with prosperity. In a tarot reading, Ten of Pentacles indicate material abundance and success. This card is a sign that you have finally reached a level of conclusion and achievements in your life’s journey. These accomplishments in your life have come up as a result of your own choices and decisions.


Ten of Pentacles Upright indicates a stable home, smart financial decisions, a committed and dedicated relationship and a successful career choice. This card in your reading indicates that you are sharing your wealth with your loved ones. There is nothing that you could ask for in your life as you are blessed with financial prosperity and abundance. You have managed to create a never ending and solid foundation for the future. This card tells you to consider future sustenance, more than the short-term goals from any ongoing venture. The Ten of Pentacles is a sign that you are overly attached to your family and your loved ones are overly important for you. You draw joy and contentment by sharing your wealth and ancestry with your family and loved ones. The bond that you share with your family, builds your trust in your family and conforms that they will be there for you, no matter what.


The reversed Ten of Pentacles is a sign that you will question your need for building financial abundance. This card in your reading reminds you that sometimes, excess of wealth can feel like a trap. You have surrounded yourself with so much luxury that now you need more of it, and your hunger for wealth may never be satiated.

You are questioning yourself, if you really want to work hard to achieve what you think you need. Do you really want to live the way that you have been living? The Ten of Pentacles reversed, shows that you may be going through financial difficulties and facing setbacks in trying to stabilize your personal and professional life. You may lose a prominent amount of your investments, your marriage may be going through tough times or your job security may be at risk. This card suggests that you re-evaluate your current position and decide on what needs to be done in order to regain your self-worth and financial security.


The Ten of pentacles is a very favourable card to come up in a Tarot love reading. For singles, this card indicates that someone who share the same values and goals as yours, will come in your life. For people in a committed relationship, this card represents total happiness and bliss. It is possible that you may decide on moving in with your partner, getting married or even starting a family.

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