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Temperance Keywords

UPRIGHT : Balance, Patience, Moderation, Peace


The Tarot Card of Temperance symbolizes balance, harmony and moderation. The card depicts an angel, Hermaphrodite which is the symbol of the balance between the genders. The Angel’s one foot is on land and the other one is in water. The foot on the land represents the material world while the foot in the water signifies the subconscious. It reflects the significance of considering the dangers before you plunge into something you are not aware about. She has two cups filled with water in her hands. The two cups symbolize the subconscious and the superconscious mind. The water is being poured from the lower cup to the higher cup. It is believed that one cup is filled with hot water and the other cup has cold water in it. Thus, the mixing of the both is a way to achieve balance and moderation. On her robe is a triangle representing protection.

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Temperance is the fourteenth card of the Tarot deck. The card urges you to stay patient, balanced and calm. It wants you to bring some moderation in your life and avoid the extreme circumstances and adopt the middle route. Temperance signifies the need to control your emotions. You need to stay composed and calm in every situation. The appearance of Temperance in your reading indicates that you have learnt the art of balancing. The card is ruled by Sagittarius and is associated with element Fire and Planet Jupiter.


When the upright Temperance is drawn it means that you have learnt the art of balancing and moderation in life. No matter how stressful or complicated situations are, you know how to stay composed and handle the matters patiently. The card brings a sense of peace through which you can achieve more and may experience fulfillment in life. Upright Temperance Tarot card signifies patience. It tells you to not rush, rather patiently carry on with your decisions or actions. It urges to take time to listen to others, understand people and wait for the right opportunity.


Reversed Temperance tarot card speaks of imbalance, disharmony and impatience. The card indicates the phase when things are not in order and everything is messed up. This kind of imbalance and disorder results in further confusion, stress and complications. Temperance in the reversed position represents that you may be making decisions in haste which may lead to imbalance in your life. You may not be in line with your ambitions and there could be disharmony between your goals and aspirations. You lack purpose in your life and this is high time when you should introspect your life priorities. You need to introspect on the changes that you need to adapt to for making your life more fulfilling.


Temperance in a love reading indicates that there is happiness, love and harmony in your relationship. Your love life is perfectly balanced where you and your partner are in complete sync with each other with your priorities in place. If you are looking for love, this card tells you to be patient and do not go to any extremes.

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