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Strength Keywords

UPRIGHT : Power, Belief, Courage, Influence


Strength depicts a woman under the bright shining sky gently patting a lion on his head as well as jaw. She looks a little scared and is gazing at the animal with too much compassion. The woman, as the principal figure of the Strength indicates this Tarot is not about physical strength. Like the Magician, she also has an infinity sign on her head. She is wearing a white robe from the tarot Fool representing her purity and innocence. The mountains depicted in the Lovers tarot are also a part of this card. The lion in the imagery symbolizes the animal instincts, aggressive behavior and desires. It is brandishing with its tongue sticking out which means that it has no intent to harm. The animal is behaving submissively in front of the love shown by the woman. With her exquisite inner strength she is caressing the lion. Her left hand symbolizes the mental condition while the right represents the physical strength. She is standing unguarded in the open field donning a belt and a crown of flowers signifying eternal strength. In the background are the blue hills that represent peace.

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The Strength spells success in all your endeavours. It indicates the culmination period when you reap the fruits of your labor. The card signifies that temptations will turn into determination and you will successfully pursue your goals. If you are struggling with poor health, the Strength card offers the healing that you need. It reestablishes your faith along with encouraging you to surpass difficult times with great perseverance.


Strength in an upright position signifies strong determination, power, vigour and presence of mind as the tarot card, Chariot. They only differ in the form of force reflected by the card. The Chariot represents external strength while the Strength reflects the inner passion, power and ability to strive. The Strength tarot in any reading indicates that you show unshakable persistence in your endeavors and exhibit great endurance. The Lion in this card represents your beasty nature and the woman taming the lion represents your inner strength to keep your temper in control and to channelize your energy into achieving your goals and things of value. The card signifies that you are very much in tune with your inner consciousness. You are in charge of your own world. The appearance of this tarot suggests that you need to connect to your spiritual self and strive to emerge as a strong willed, dominating and dedicated person. If you face struggles in pursuing your goals, the Strength is an indication to re-evaluate your situations and take it easy. The card enhances your confidence and gives you the courage to achieve whatever you want.


The reversed position of the Strength signifies anxiety. It indicates that you tend to constantly be in a state of apprehension and experiencing exactly different from what the upright card brings. With the appearance of the reversed Strength, you feel dull and live in fear. You are surrounded with insecurities and are always doubting yourself. The card tells you that you are not enjoying what you do and are not in love with your work. One relevant insight of the Strength tarot is that you are experiencing a pressure that is unbearable for you. You may be going through some difficult times which may affect your mental stability. The woman in the card encourages you to strengthen your confidence and recognize your inner potential in order to overcome all the hurdles.


The Strength in a love reading speaks of an intensely passionate romance where there is too much love and too many expectations too. It is a relationship full of fireworks but the bond and connect is really strong. Strength bestows a distinct confidence upon you, which could help you in attracting someone special if you are looking for love.

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