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Six of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Movement, Transition, Accepting lessons, Travel


The Six of Swords is a card of change or transition. In the image, you can see a woman and a child sitting on the boat. The boat is getting rowed towards the land representing a place of hope. The image displays the woman’s head covered with cloth, showing the sign of sadness or great loss. The child in the picture is sitting close to her mother. It signifies the feeling of security and comfort. The six swords in the boat symbolizes the baggage of the past. The woman and the child are still carrying the burden of their past memories in their journey to a new life. Turbulent water on the right of the boat represents a situation of chaos which they are leaving behind while the calm sea in the image indicates peace and support waiting ahead.

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Six of Swords is a Minor Arcana card which represents recovery, travel, or transition to something new. It is indicative of the calmness one feels after the storm. The appearance of the card in the Tarot reading shows the journey from tumultuous past to a future of hope and positivity.


The Six of Swords is a sign of positive change. This might be the change of place, relationships or career. This card shows tough decisions and compromises in the way of transition. You may not want to leave your existing situation but the card wants you to have a positive attitude towards the change, no matter how troublesome this transition may seem. The card shows recovery from grief and depression. Upright Six of swords is symbolic of a rite of passage which is intense and vital for growing better and stronger. The appearance of Six of Swords tells you to leave the baggage from the past and look over the brighter side. It also indicates that your past memories are a hindrance to your personal growth. The presence of the card in reading means physical relocation or emotional journey from one state of mind to another.


The reversed Six of swords indicates reluctance to make changes. You may be ignoring the need to bring changes which are essential for the betterment of life. This is the time to move on and evolve yourself with spiritual awakening. The ghosts of the past are haunting you and it seems that your previous setbacks and incomplete projects are the reason why you are not able to come out of the situation. It suggests closure of all the unfinished tasks and unresolved conflicts. At times you might feel confused and think whether its right time to leave the current position and move for a new beginning. The card encourages you to make a giant leap forward.


In the love Tarot reading, the appearance of the Six of Swords is an indication that things are calming down. The wounds are now healing and you are experiencing a positive transformation within your relationship. You have surpassed the emotional upheaval and you can now expect a period of healing, stability and moving forward together with your partner.

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