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Six of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Charity, Sharing, Financial assistance, Gifts


The Six of Pentacles shows a man in red robe, giving coins to two beggars kneeling in front of him. He holds a weighing scale in his left hand, which seems to be balanced, representing equality and impartiality. His purple robe indicates his status and abundance, suggesting the use of this wealth for the well being of others. The Scale in the man’s hand represents giving and receiving, signifying that if you put out kindness and generosity in the Universe, you won’t be left alone in times of need. The man giving out coins to the needy symbolize sharing your wealth with those who need it.

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In a more general form, Six of Pentacles represent generosity and kindness. It indicates that someone will be extremely kind and helpful towards you and may shower you with material gifts, affection, love or wisdom. You will be blessed with so much wealth that you will be in a position to help the needy. This card symbolizes charity, support and sharing, and indicates that if at all you feel that you are going through difficult times, then there will be someone who will reach out to you to support you.


Six of Pentacles in Upright position indicates that you will be like the rich man in the card, offering help and money to those who are less privileged and in need of help. It is possible that you will loan money to someone, to help them stand up on their feet, trusting them that they will pay you back in time. Even if you are not in a position to offer financial help, you will share your wisdom, knowledge and love with others. You understand that whatever you give out, the Universe will bring it back in your life. In the same way, it is also likely that you will be at the receiving end of people’s kindness and help if you are going through difficult times. Six of Pentacles symbolizes balance and financial fulfillment. The amount of money you are spending is getting equalled with what you are earning. Your finances will be balanced.


Reversed Six of Pentacles symbolizes the need for self care. If you have been in a helping position for a long time, then you need to stop and spend some time taking care of yourself. It indicates that you are helping people who do not regard and appreciate your support and the people you help financially are unable to pay you back as promised. The reversed card also signifies the need to stay away from taking out loans to fulfill your needs. It reminds you not to over commit yourself to those who need your help and do not forget to pay attention to yourself and your needs while helping others. Do not involve yourself in one-sided charity, the one that you do for selfish purpose, just to show off, because you will end up harming your financial well being.


The Six of Pentacles is a positive card for love readings, for singles, it indicates that someone will enter your life, and make your life even more beautiful. For those in a relationship, the card shows that you and your partner are helpful towards each other and are fully devoted towards this relationship.

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