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Six of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT : Children, Homesickness, Youthfulness, Simplicity


In the foreground of the Six of Cups a boy is presenting a cup filled with flowers to a little girl who looks at the boy with tender smile which symbolizes joy and innocence. Out of the other five cups, four are placed in the forefront and one is positioned on the podium behind the boy but all these cups are filled with flowers which represent love, harmony and tranquility. A man is seen in the background and he is walking away from the children, as if telling them to enjoy their childhood as the elders are their to protect them and take care of the worries of the world. The house represents comfort and safety and it may also mean that you miss your family and hometown attached with the pleasant memories of the past.

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The Six of Cups represent reliving the past memories. You may be remembering the good times you spent with your childhood friends or memories from your childhood home as a child or adult. You may be missing your school friends or might be planning to get together with old buddies or trying to win back your childhood sweetheart. This card is all about children, innocence and childhood joys. You may be about to get some good news if you are planning to have children or you may take some time off to get away from the world and enjoy like a child.


The Six of Cups is the Minor Arcana card of youth and childhood which represents reliving your past memories or spending time with children or planning to have children of your own. Upright Six of Cups in your tarot reading signifies playfulness, righteousness, and merrymaking. If you are facing tough times then you need to remember that your close friends and family will always have your back and these are the ones you can always look up to in times of trouble. This card also represents feelings of homesickness and missing family for those who live abroad.


Reversed Six of Cups in your tarot reading works in support of managing your childhood issues and bad memories from the past. It is possible that as a child you may have faced abuse or you may know someone who did and are now seeking support to get over these dark memories and work towards a bright future and build happy moments in the present. This card is a sign that you need to let go for a while and connect with your childlike side. This is important for you to forgive those who hurt you in the past because keeping that kind of negativity inside you is adding on to your mental burden.


Getting Six of Cups in your love tarot reading indicates reliving your childhood romance. You may be enjoying your relationship with your childhood sweetheart and it might be that a relationship from your past may be affecting your current relationship with your partner. For singles, it is a good time to connect with your childhood crush as this may go in a positive direction.

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