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Seven of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Planning, Perseverance, Growth, Patience


The Seven of pentacles shows a man leaning on his harrow, looking over his crops that he has worked hard to nurture. Now is the time to harvest this crop and reap the benefits of his hard work. However, the look on his face shows that he is tired and completely exhausted from the amount of labour he had to put in to get this abundant harvest. The card signifies that sustainable results can only be achieved with perseverance and needs a huge investment of time and effort. The Seven of Pentacles also reminds you to devote your energies with a long term view in mind, in a way that you do not over exhaust yourself.

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The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you are working very hard for a long time and you will soon get the benefits of your labour. You can expect great results with this card in your reading because it signifies continual results. This is a very favourable card if you have been persisting with something but nothing was working out, it’s a sign that success is just next door. The Seven of Pentacles meaning in a Tarot reading is a long term view, which shows that this isn’t a card to look out for concluding things . It is a card that tells you to make sure that you have a good strategy.


The Seven of Pentacles describes your understanding of the value of devoting your efforts and time right now, in order to achieve long term benefits. You work towards sustainable results and aren’t afraid of investing your energy for better results. When this card appears in your reading, treat it as a chance to step away from constant labour and try to visualize the bigger picture. Enjoy your achievements as you analyze how much you have progressed so far. Sometimes, the Seven of Pentacles may also suggest exhaustion and frustration from delay in results. It is the time when you need to learn to keep your expectations realistic and do not overwork yourself in order to achieve more than what you are actually currently capable of.


The Seven of Pentacles reversed shows that you are probably questioning your capability and efforts. This is because your efforts are displaced and you need to understand if you are actually investing in the right areas. The rewards for your hard work have been limited and this is affecting your motivation to persist. Try prioritizing your resources and energy for the most apt task, and steer away from devoting in areas what would not reap beneficial results.


The Seven of Pentacles in a love reading indicates that you have the power and ability to get what you desire. For people in relationships, this card implies that you both are putting a lot of effort towards building a long term relationship. It also indicates a couple working together to achieve a common goal, like buying a house together or planning a wedding or an elaborate trip. For singles, this card suggests looking back at their past relationships to get a better sense of what exactly they want from a relationship.

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