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Queen of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT : Courage, Confidence, Social, Ambitious


The Queen of Wands card in Tarot has a picture of a crowned queen, sitting on her throne which is embroidered with the lions and she is holding a wand in her right hand. She holds a large sunflower in her left hand and the back of her throne also has a picture of the flower. All these things are a symbol of joy, satisfaction, fertility and life. She has a peaceful look on her face and is expressing herself as courageous and strong. The black cat sitting at her feet depicts that even if the Queen is a royalty, she is still in touch with her dark side which is less-known to the world.

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The Queen of Wands wants you to remember that you are courageous and a strong-minded being. You need to see the purpose of your life and visualize your artistic thoughts even in the difficult times. The card wants to tell you that at this time, you are very well aware of your capabilities and hence you know how to use your strengths to achieve the goals you have set for yourself as you know what you desire and how to get it. The card advises you to keep your determination and focus in place while engaging in extracurricular activities as you may get distracted by your friends.


An Upright Queen of Wands is advising you to own your actions and that can be done if you are bold in your approach and you are not afraid to realize your strengths and power to achieve what you aim to. Your aura brings light in the life of those you are connected with, so you need to speak for yourself and have faith in what you believe, as once you take the charge, no one will be able to put you down or silence your beliefs. The Queen of Wands is suggesting that others are influenced by your vision and hard work so you need to bring out your abilities to inspire others and make new connections to visualize your dreams, which will eventually make you busy. This card is showing you that you love having all the attention centered at you and your influential first impression helps you in winning over people with your sincere and delightful nature.


In reversed position, the Queen of Wands is suggesting that you are withdrawn and currently you prefer being alone. Rather than taking actions you feel better sitting on the side and watching from a distance. The reversed card is a sign that you should not push yourself beyond limits and you need to understand your feelings by spending some time doing meditation to connect with your inner aura. You have given your powers to others as you are giving too much attention to people’s judgements and thoughts. But, now you need to focus your energy on yourself and use your talents and power to discover your identity.


The Queen of Wands in your love tarot reading is a sign that your love life is blooming. For people in relationship, this card indicates that you or your partner are embodying the features of the Queen of Wands and even though she may seem to be fiery but it will be very interesting to spend your life with her. For singles this card means that you are about to meet someone with the characteristics of the Queen of Wands or you yourself will take on her features.

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