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Queen of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT : Strong intuition, Compassion, Caring, Supportive


The Queen of Cups is an alluring and contemplative woman, sitting on a stone throne on the seaside. The throne is embellished with fish and sea-nymphs that represent unconscious mind, while the water represents her knowledge, spirit and emotions.

The Queen of Cups is holding a closed golden cup whose handles are shaped like the wings of an angel. The cup in the hands of the Queen is closed, which is different from other cards in the Suit of Cups, and this indicates that her emotions are ruled by her soul and her subliminal self.

The Queen is surrounded by a bright sky and sea, but even though she is resting her feet on the pebbles at the shore, the sea water is not touching her. Water symbolises emotions, and even though she is aware of her emotional side but she doesn’t let her emotions affect her in any way.

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The Queen of Cups in Tarot signify the caring, compassionate, intuitive and spiritual side of your nature. In Tarot, the Queen of Cups is interpreted as a blend of the inner feelings of the queen and the positive vibrations of the water. The Queen always carries herself with grace as her heart leads the road for her decisions. She is kind, sensitive and loving towards the other beings.

She believes in having faith on both- her inner wisdom and her natural instincts in moment of decision making. She has immense love and acceptance for everything that God has created.


The Upright Queen of Cups in your Tarot reading is asking you to have faith in your gut reactions and be considerate of your emotions and feelings. When this card comes up in your reading, it indicates that you are nurturing motherly vibes of the Queen of Cups. You listen to everyone very patiently and you let them express their emotions, that’s your way of showing empathy and compassion.

Over time you have perfected the art of staying in control of your emotions, which helps in keeping you grounded to your intuition. When you get this card in your resing, it is an indication that the universe is giving out signals and you need to understand these signs that may come up in your dreams or visions.


The reversed Queen of Cups in your Tarot reading is a direct indication that now is the time to focus on your feelings and realize your love for yourself. The card is suggesting that you should not forget yourself in the process of caring for others. You don’t need to exhaust yourself while trying to understand and solve the problems of your loved ones.


The Queen of Cups in your love reading is an indication that love is shining on you, although you need to be careful that you don’t get too carried away by your feelings. If you are in a relationship, a romantic date with your partner is on the cards for you. If you are still single, you need to open up to the world to find the love you are waiting for.

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