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UPRIGHT : Ideas, Adventure, Energy, Fearlessness


In tarot, the Page of Wands portrays a young man who is holding a wand with both of his hands and is looking curiously at the plants that are budding from the top of the wand. He wears a coat which is designed with the prints that represent a mythical creature which is a symbol of fire and revolution. The wand is placed firmly on the ground representing that even though he is proud of the growth that is shown by the budding plant but he is still grounded. The landscape in the background shows barren lands and mountains showing that there is power to grow and find success in the most unfavorable places. This card is a symbol that currently you are filled with energetic ideas and can achieve anything you put your heart to. It also means that you are not held down by your surroundings.

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The Page of Wands shows your inclination to work in every direction that is visible to you and you are not afraid to try new things. You hold the opportunity to begin a new project and see if it can take you to a new destination. You don’t need to have a plan in place and don’t need to know the direction you are heading to; you are just curious about the likelihood of new things to happen. You don’t get deterred by everyday burdens of life and you don’t let anything get in the middle of your journey towards your dreams. You may feel restless but the wand is firm on the ground and won’t let you wander.


The Page of Wands in upright position can lead you to a spiritual journey. You are curious about this journey because of the excitement for something new. You need a good mentor who has experience in this field and has walked the road of spirituality before so that they can now lead you forward towards your goals. It is the time for you to feel excited and the card guides you to tackle all the hardships with confidence and have faith in yourself. Don’t be scared to take risks and get through your fears to become a leader.


The Page of Wands in reversed position can indicate that you have been trying various new paths but none of them has led you to your expected outcome. Your dream of starting something new hoping that it will give you greater success, did not turn to be true and you maybe feeling that your approach towards your goals was faulty. This card reversed is just a signal for reconnecting with your original ideas and moving ahead. Not succeeding once doesn’t mean that you will never succeed and there are different ways to express your ideas and achieve your goals.


The Page of Wands card in love tarot calls for romantic messages being sent out directly to your heart. People in relationships should look for ways to spice-up things; it may also mean that an adventure trip with your partner is on the cards. If you are single then a new fun relationship is just around the corner.

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