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Page of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Financial opportunity, Skill development, Manifestation, Strong foundation


The Page of Pentacles is a card of promise, manifestation and harnessing opportunities. In this card, you can see a man standing on a lush green field with beautifully bloomed flowers holding a gold coin in his hands. He is looking at the coin with utmost attention and contemplating on how to usher in more abundance, prosperity and gold in his life. The newly ploughed field behind the man is indicative of the promise of a bountiful harvest. The man or the Page has a long journey to take before he can achieve the desired opulence. The mountain range behind him is symbolic of the challenges and obstacles he will have to surpass and overcome in this journey towards prosperity and success.

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Page of Pentacles is a Minor Arcana Card that is symbolic of success in matters related to money and riches or any aspect of the material world. This card represents a good start in career or business or laying of a strong foundation of a bright and promising future. The appearance of this card means that it is time for you to start thinking about your future goals, take the decision, do the complete preparation and just go for it.


The Upright Page of Pentacles signifies manifestation of one’s goals and dreams, lucrative financial opportunities, a new start, strong foundation and enhancing skills. This Minor Arcana Card in a reading will inspire you to strengthen your financial standing and lookout for opportunities that can give you career or business a boost. This card can make one realize the importance of money and material world and is a sign that one should welcome new opportunities in life, be it in the form of a new business idea or a new job. The appearance of this card blesses you with the energy and zeal to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. Page of Pentacles wants you to start working towards laying the foundation of a stable future, financial as well as professional.


Page of Pentacles in a reversed position represents a stage of stagnation, lack of zeal and motivation and lack of progress. When a reversed Page of Pentacles appears in a reading, it means that even though you have the plan of action in front of you, but you are delaying it due to one reason or the other. You are doubtful of your capabilities and lack the enthusiasm or motivation to take a step in that direction. Or, maybe you are just day-dreaming about your aspirations and goals and are not doing anything concrete about it. It wants you to have faith in your capabilities bring back the lost inspiration to set things in motion. If you feel that you are trying too hard and nothing substantial is coming out of it, then maybe take a step back. Re-energize and plan more efficiently and then get back on it after a while. Page of Pentacles also advises you to learn from your past experiences rather than getting bogged down by failures and setbacks.


In a love reading, Page of Pentacles is a card of loyalty and opportunities. If you are single, then this card will give you many opportunities to find love and if you are already in a relationship then this card wants you to find opportunities to rekindle the romance and bring the fun quotient back in life. Page of Pentacles wants you to take your chances in love!

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