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Nine of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Serenity, Prosperity, Independence, Wealth


The Nine of Pentacles illustrates a very well-dressed woman who stands in the middle of an attractive and lush garden. She is draped in a golden robe and adorns a red beanie; which describe her social stature and wealth. The garden behind her has vines that are looping down with the weight of grapes and golden coins, symbolizing profitable fulfilment of her desires. The card shows her right hand resting on one of the coins as her fingers are rolled around the vine grapes, which describe her reliable relationship with money. A bird rests calmly on the woman’s left hand, indicating her spirituality, self-control and intellect.

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In general, the Nine of Pentacles is a very favourable card that represents security, stability, confidence, success and freedom. This is a card of wealth and prosperity that comes after a lot of hard work and discipline. It indicates that this success and status that you are enjoying at the moment, are a result of your dedication and labour. This is the time to indulge in self pampering and enjoy the happiness and satisfaction that your accomplishments have brought you.


You have worked dedicatedly towards achieving financial abundance, and the Nine of Pentacles in your reading signifies that this is the time to enjoy the outcome of your hard work. Creating a stable base for the comfort and material wealth has been possible because of your standalone efforts, discipline and confidence. When the Nine of Pentacles appears in your reading, it tells you to keep all your fears aside and reward yourself by indulging in luxurious activities. This card actually speaks of financial freedom, as the woman in the card has created a luxurious life for her own based on her own efforts and actions. The Nine of Pentacles in your reading describes that besides creating mountains of wealth and abundance, you are in absolute harmony with your surroundings. You are a beauty praiser and you appreciate & admire nature and its gift to the humans. This card indicates that you will enjoy taking care of your garden and flowers or it’s also possible that you will choose to spend time in the lap of nature, by organizing outings in the parks.


The Nine of Pentacles reversed is about realizing your self-worth. When this card comes up in your reading, take the time to reflect back on how you feel about yourself. You may start doubting your worth- analyzing if the skill set that you own is valuable or not. You may be forced to think about the kind of people you allow in your life. You will also draw attention towards your salary and pay raise, knowing that you deserve much more than what you are getting. Most of the times, the Nine of Pentacles comes up in your reading when you are overly involved and occupied in your work, hustling between multiple tasks, that you don’t have any energy left to enjoy the reward of your hard work.


In a love reading, the Nine of Pentacles indicate security and stability in a relationship, offering you the freedom and encouragement to move in the direction of achieving your dreams. In a relationship, you will get the support of your partner in building your own business. It is possible that both of you are working towards a common goal. For singles, this card suggests that you enjoy your freedom, while you are still single. The Nine of Pentacles also indicates relationship with a woman who is mature and financially independent, or you will yourself be that woman.


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