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Nine of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT : Contentment, Satisfaction, Wishes, Success


The Nine of Cups shows a man sitting on the wooden bench with his arms crossed in a position of self-hug, which symbolizes self comforting. He has a smile on his face which marks his contentment and satisfaction. In the background, nine cups are aligned in an arch which represent emotional stability and gratitude. The card symbolizes that is important to appreciate and be grateful for the things you have while you have them or you might miss them once they are gone.

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The Nine of Cups in your reading is a symbol of contentment and that is why this card is also called the wish card. The card suggests that currently you are satisfied with the different aspects of your life like work, health, relationships and lifestyle. The Nine of Cups is a card of happiness and if you patiently wait for your wishes to come true then you will not be disappointed. The man sitting on the bench calmly portrays inner happiness and seems as though he has everything that he had wished for.


Getting an Upright Nine of Cups in your reading is a clear sign that you need to express your gratitude for the things that you have. Life gives us beautiful gifts in many different forms but we forget to be grateful for the smaller immaterial things because our wishes are hounded by materialistic things. The card advises that it is important to appreciate the things you have. Our subconscious mind is very powerful so if you have positive thoughts in your mind then you will attract positive outcomes. The Nine of Cups in Upright shows the man sitting on a wooden bench which can be comfortable only for a little while, suggesting that Satisfaction is more important than running after material things.


The wish card turns into the card of losses once it is reversed, so getting this card in your reading may symbolize losing chances of achieving something you have always wanted. It may also mean that you are working hard to get what you desire but are not able to attain your goals- these may be in terms of relationships or work. Your heart is filled with self-loathing and dissatisfaction as you are losing what you care for. The Nine of Cups reversed is reminding you to keep yourself from over-indulging in alcohol or drugs which will affect your health negatively as the things that provide you with short-term pleasure might turn out to be problematic in the long run.


Getting Nine of Cups in your Love Tarot reading is a good sign in terms of romance and relationships. It brings with it elements of pleasure and sensuality which ignite new sparks in your relationships. If you are planning to take your relationship with your partner to next level then this card gives you a green flag to move ahead with confidence. Singles are in a very stable state of mind and lessons from the past relationships are helping you gain clear perspective about yourself which will be helpful in the future.

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