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Knight of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Ambitious, Impulsiveness, Focus, Aggression


Knight of Swords is the twelfth card of the Suit of Swords. This card depicts a soldier in his full armour, riding a white horse while holding a sword in his hand. The white horse indicates the purity and intellectual energy. It indicates that the rider is motivated by his strong intellectual power in the battle field and the sword in his hand symbolizes his great dedication towards his mission. He seems unaffected by the stormy winds and the trees in the background, representing his strong determination and eagerness. The Knight suggests success will come to you if you stand strong in times of turbulence.

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The Knight of Swords is the card of ambitions, energy, and impulsiveness. It is an indication of good intellect and clarity in thoughts. The appearance of card in your tarot reading signifies that you are a person in a superior position who is fair to others and brave enough to stand for your choices.


The Knight of Swords in the upright position is an indication that you are highly motivated to achieve what you want and signifies a quick action and impulsive approach while hitting a target. The card is an indication that this is a good time to implement your ideas and move ahead with the plans you have in the pipeline. The Knight of Swords in your reading symbolizes obstacles & challenges and points that you may have to face hostilities and distress in the path of success. The card encourages you to win all your battles with the sword of your determination. It is a reminder to be assertive and proactive. You know how to proceed and faze out the challenges and the card suggests you to trust your gut and use the power of your intellect. The upright Knight of Swords is strongly establishing you as a quick-witted, honest, and daring person. Your rational thinking may allow you to communicate for a better prospects. Change your perspective. The obstacles are to guide you towards the long-awaited success.


The Knight of Swords in the reversed position indicates restlessness due to missed opportunities. This signifies that you have failed to notice or recognize the small hints which could take you towards success. The reversal is the sign that you need to slow down. You may be too impulsive and changing your mind frequently but the card warns you to hold your horses. Put on a brave face and wait for the perfect time. Take a deep breath, focus on what you have right now and prioritize your goals; do not rush into things. This is also the time to paddle your own canoe which will give you the authority to change your destiny.


The Knight of Swords is a positive sign in a love Tarot reading. The card signifies a relationship where you may find someone who is intelligent and possess the qualities of the Knight of Swords. This is also a reminder that your relationship needs efforts so you need to review what is lacking and work harder to spruce up your love life. For singles, this is not the time to wait. The Knight of Swords is an indication to make your move and win the one you love.

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