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Knight of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Patience, Persistence, Hard work, Stubborn Behavior


Knight of Pentacles is a Minor Arcana Card that tells you the power of patience, planning and persistence. In this card, you can see a Knight sitting on a horse looking at a gold coin in his hand. He is carefully contemplating his next move and planning and analyzing the path he needs to undertake in order to accomplish his dreams and goals. He is sitting on a stationery horse in no hurry to take his course and is more inclined to think things through before taking any action. A meticulously ploughed field behind him is the symbol of hard work and persistence. It represents that the Knight is willing to work diligently and consistently to achieve his goals and turn his dreams into reality.

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Knight of Pentacles symbolizes dedication, hard-work, persistence and ambition. When this card makes an appearance, it wants you to persevere and work consistently and finish every endeavor that you start. The Knight always gets the work done whether it is mundane, routine or repetitive. The focus is to stick to the routine and accomplish the goals.


Upright Knight of Pentacles symbolizes the hard work and effort one makes for reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams. When this card appears in an upright position, it signifies that you are working in a meticulous manner and detail by detail to get closer to your goals. This card tells you to follow the same approach that you are following to pursue your goals without changing anything. The Knight once sets his eye on a particular endeavor, then there is no stopping him. He charts a plan and course of action and then works with extreme focus to attain it. So, this card wants you to move slowly but steadily and with sincerity and dedication and you will reach where you want to be.


Reversed Knight of Pentacles is indicative of getting stuck in the mundane routine of life. When this card makes an appearance, it suggests that you are looking for ways to come out of the daily grind. You want a creative outlet and an exciting opportunity to come your way. It also signifies a lack of discipline and commitment in achieving goals. This card signals you to get your thoughts together and work on a schedule and with a fixed routine to complete your targets. It wants you to work on self-improvement and development and become more earnest and devoted to the tasks at hand. The Reversed Knight of Pentacles is a sign for you to become more responsible and more practical in your approach.


Knight of Pentacles Tarot in a love reading epitomizes stability and security. It speaks of a love that is based on rock-solid commitment and honest feelings. If you are looking for love, then the appearance of this card is a sign that you will soon get into a relationship that is for keeps. Knight of Pentacles gives you a partner who will be completely committed towards you and will always support you.

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