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Knight of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT : Romance, Charm, Faithfulness, Invitation, Creativity


The Knight in the Knight of Cups is holding a golden cup in his hand as he rides a white horse that symbolizes a special message of love. The horse is moving ahead slowly and elegantly giving out vibes of peace and composure. The white color symbolizes purity and spirituality and the horse epitomizes intense power and impulsive energy.

The Knight is wearing a cloak, decorated with images of fish; over his armour representing creativity and consciousness. His helmet and boots are different from ordinary and are winged over the edges, signifying the knight’s admiration for beautiful things and his creative imagination.

In the card, a few trees can be seen at the far end with a river flowing through them but are surrounded by arid lands, exemplifying the imagination, inner power and efforts to grow life even in those places where it cannot exist.

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The Knight of Cups in a reading represents romance, sensitivity and charm. This personality incarnated by the knight in a perpetual quest for love connects him to his intuition and emotions that he uses wisely in his romantic quests. He knows how to use them to his advantage whether in his life quests, in his projects or in seduction. He is a charismatic young man, who knows how to use his charm to be appealing to everyone around him. Moreover, the Knight of Cups is endowed with a certain artistic sense. He knows how to express it in a romantic or poetic way with a pretty refined vision of life.


The Upright Knight of Cups indicates that you are now in connection with your insights and now you will finally be able to realize your dreams and you will understand how to overcome the obstacles that you might be facing. The Knight of Cups represents your creative side. It is the logical continuation of the Page of Cups and consequently, it extends its efforts in setting up new projects with his creativity.

The Knight of Cups is an action card and in Upright position it represents new beginnings - might be setting up a new project or a new event. In your reading this card indicates that you have all the elements in place to begin working on your projects.

You envision harmony and are ready to work hard to create a peaceful place for everyone. Your decisions are guided by your emotions, so if this card surfaces in your Tarot reading, it means that you will make important decisions on the basis of how you feel rather than worrying how others will interpret your actions.


The reversed Knight of Cups represent that your emotions are coming in the way of your actions, leaving you frustrated, moody and jealous because you feel you are not getting a chance to utilize your creativity and imagination.

When the reversed Knight of Cups appears in your reading, it means that you are being overly imaginative about a current project and are living in your unrealistic world as you spend all your time planning and wondering how things will work out. The card is suggesting that to bring your plans to fruition, it is necessary that you start working on them.


The Knight of Cups has a charming and romantic character, so if this card comes up in your love Tarot reading then be prepared to experience something romantic and thrilling. If you are in a relationship then this card foresees a night full of romantic surprises will be coming up for you. For singles, new epic love is on the card so, prepare yourself for a whirlwind romance.

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