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King of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT : Leadership, Vision, Business oriented, Honour


The King of Wands is seated on his throne that is covered by a cloth. His cape is long and flowing on the ground. The design on the cape and the throne has patterns of salamanders and tigers where the lizards in the salamanders are seen swallowing their tails which shows infinity and the continuous desire to keep moving forward in spite of the struggles and obstacles on the way. The king’s crown is shaped in the design of fire and he is holding a blossoming wand in his right hand, which shows fierceness and growth.

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The King of Wands in tarot reading symbolizes inspiration, creativity, boldness and charisma. The king’s personality in addition to the fire energy makes him a passionate and imaginative being who uses his inspiration to move forward to achieve his dreams. The card inspires you to take the lead when the right prospects show up so that you can lead like a king and others will follow you as they get inspired by your passion. The King of Wands is always dramatic and never the one to lay low or be quiet as his bold and brave nature allows him to take risks. The King never wants to take the easy routes that have already been tested.


The King of Wands, when Upright suggests that a very good opportunity is coming to surface for you and you should not let it go because you have the power and you are determined to take the challenge. This card signifies masculine fire energy. It is indicative that you have the courage to step up as a leader to guide others to achieve a shared goal as you can clearly visualize what you want to do. The King of Wands gives you the knack of utilizing the talents of others to complete your tasks while still being the center of attraction and keeping others on the sideline.


The King of Wands reversed warns you from setting impractical expectations from others and yourself. Because, even though you are being ambitious but these traits will take you towards failure if you keep pushing towards achieving unfeasible goals. The reversed King of Wands is advising you to not get taken away by other people’s ideas and goals. You need to stay focused and committed to your own personal dreams and visions.


In love tarot, the King of Wands may point towards several different things. For people in a relationship, it may mean that you or your partner are personifying the different aspects of King’s personality. If you feel that your partner is showing the traits of the King then you need to nurture your own sense of existence. And if you are the King, then you are perhaps expecting your partner to be more self-dependent. For singles the King of Wands in love means that you will shortly meet someone who has the traits of the King of Wands or that you yourself embody the traits of a king.

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