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King of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Business, Wealth, Abundance, Provider


The King of Pentacles is a Minor Arcana Card from the Suit of Pentacles that speaks of power, wealth and high social status. In this card, there is an emperor who sits on a throne carved with the symbol of the Bull, which indicates his connection with Taurus Zodiac. The robe that he adorns is embellished with vines and grapes which again are symbolic of the wealth and riches he possess. He holds a gold coin in his left hand and a symbol of power in the right one. Both these aspects are representing his material influence. His aura and presence indicate that the King possess inherent capabilities to attain the wealth and abundance that he desires and he has the control and discipline to maintain the empire that he has built. The castle behind him is the sign of the efforts that he has done to attain this material success. The vines and flowers at his feet speak about the material abundance and status he has attained. The King of Pentacles is extremely serious about his financial security and gives immense importance to his prized possessions and also likes to show them to the world.

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The King of Pentacles connects with material wealth and abundance, signifying the value of hard work, confidence and strength that is needed to attain your goals in life. The King of Pentacles also highlights the value of sharing your blessings with your loved ones and those who are not as privileged as yourself. Not just helping others in material ways, but in ways that can help them get closer to their goals. This card speaks of being a mentor, a provider, a helper, a counsellor and a friend who guides others in different aspects of their life. The King of Pentacles symbolizes financial and work related support that you provide for the people and causes you care about. However, the prime motive behind this guidance and financial support is to exhibit your wisdom and chattels to the World and prove your dominance by being a great leader and provider.


Upright King of Pentacles is a very positive card for matters related to wealth, career growth and success. It indicates that you are at the top of your game and super confident about all the ventures you undertake. You have the skills and plans for drawing more money, and managing it in ways that it brings in maximum profits. You have an eye for identifying opportunities and new ideas to catalyse your growth and success, along with your strength, discipline and command. The King of Pentacles in Upright position speaks of your perfection, leadership and well-planned approach for your business ventures that maximize your income and keep it afloat. You have created a successful life for yourself and now is the time to reap the fruits of your labour, and enjoy all the luxuries that you have built for yourself. Your life is well balanced, not just financially, but also spiritually, and you are the epitome of success, progress and abundance.


The King of Pentacles reversed is a sign of arrogance, pride and dominance that comes to you because of the wealth and material possessions that you have earned in life. This card is a sign that you need to assess your connection and relationship with your money, and check how you are managing your finances. You are obsessed with material wealth and social status you have earned by showing off your financial assets and expensive belongings. You are giving importance to money over other important things in life. This card in reversed position is also a sign that you are making risky choices for your finances, which may put your financial security in the future at stake.


King of Pentacles Tarot in love signifies an attainment of a place of stability and security in a relationship where there are no doubts or insecurities. It indicates a stage of comfort and peace in an already existing relationship. For those looking for love, then someone you always wished for will soon come your way.

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