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King of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT : Diplomatic, Compassionate, Balanced, Charming


The King of Cups adorns a blue chiton with a golden cape as he sits on his glorious stone throne representing prestige and power. The throne is placed on a granite stone, floating in the middle of the raging sea.

The King is surrounded by a safely sailing ship on the left and a fish who is jumping out of the sea on his right side, indicating that even when the situations are fierce, he knows how to stay peaceful and stable.He doesn’t get overwhelmed by his feelings and emotions while still being open to them, as he has mastered the art of being compassionate and authoritative at the same time.

The King of Cups has both his hands occupied as he holds a cup in his right hand, that epitomize his emotions and is expressing his power and authority with a baton in his left hand. The fish shaped ornament in his neck points towards his creative side.

The King might seem to be distracted as he is not looking at the cup, while the fact is that he has mastered the art of remaining in control of his emotions.

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The King of Cups represents compassion, wisdom, uneasiness and diplomacy. This card is a combination of the evident focus and positive energy of the water.

The King knows how to stay calm while mentoring others because he understands that true wisdom lies in being humble. He sends out vibes of peacefulness and that’s the reason everyone turns to him for guidance and mentorship.

The King of Cups is mindful about what others need and how he needs to react to a certain situation while staying emotionally balanced. He allows everyone to bring our their creativity and progress as they desire.


When an Upright King of Cups shows up in your reading, it indicates that now you are not letting your emotions get the better of you, by staying in control of your feelings. You have attained the emotional balance and maturity to handle the twisted situations that life throws at you. Your ability to logically analyze every situation and then manage them by depending on your intuition. The card represents that you have learnt how to balance between professional and personal feelings which makes you a perfect leader. You are focused on your goals and are also conscious about everyone else’s contentment.

So if this card turns up in moments of emotional instability, draw the positive energy and stability of the King of Cups to get in control of yourself.


When the reversed King of Cups shows up in your reading, it is a sign that you are being affected by the emotional drama that others are throwing at you. You are currently in an overly moody and depressed state of mind that is making you anxious. The only way to get out of this situation is to take control of your inner feelings and learn to be sympathetic towards yourself.

The King of Cups can also indicate towards a person who is using the emotions to manipulate people, just to get his own work done. The emotional instability that this person is causing you is affecting you in a negative way. You need to free yourself from this emotionally destructive person in order to balance your feelings.


The King of Cups represent emotional fulfilment in your love reading. You need to be prepared to be swept up in the whirlwind romance that the King is bestowing at you. A positive male energy is influencing your love life if you are in a relationship. For singles, this card indicates that you will soon be approached by someone with persuasive energy.

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