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Justice Keywords

UPRIGHT : Karma, Fairness, Balance, Truth


Justice is a very positive omen for people who believe in leading life with kindness, fairness and balance. The principal figure in the card sits on a chair and adorns a red colored robe. The woman in the imagery in her right hand is holding a double edged sword which is the symbol of impartiality and justice. The sword is pointing upwards which is a sign of victory. The sword symbolizes logical thinking, methodical and rational approach-the main key elements for imparting fair Justice. In the left hand, the woman holds scales which indicate that our inner voice should always balance with our logic. The crown on her head features a small square in the center representing clarity and strong determination. The square that is clutched in the woman’s cloak is protecting the equality that is prevalent among mankind. Behind the chair is the purple color cloth symbolizing compassion. The grey pillars visible on the side indicate the limits that exist in the world. In the card, there is a white shoe which can be slightly seen from the cloak. It represents that justice will be done and you will get what you really deserve. Also, it reminds that the future outcomes will depend on your present actions.

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The eleventh card of Tarot deck is Justice. It is ruled by Libra and associated with element Air and planet Venus. When Justice appears in a reading, it means you should be ready to reap the outcomes of your actions, past as well as present. It reminds of impartial justice and Karma and will give you your deserved due. The appearance of the card indicates that the mighty sword of the Justice tarot will reign and it will help you to make a balanced and well-thought decision in every life situation.


Justice in the upright position symbolizes truth and balance. It is a card of law and equilibrium, cause and effect, repercussions and fairness. The appearance of the card indicates that Justice will prevail. There won’t be any unfairness or biasedness. You will be judged for your actions and will ensure that you will get your due. The card is an indication that this is the time to pay for your past deeds. Justice comes as a reminder that your present actions and decisions will influence your future and will have far-fetched consequences that may be life changing for you.

The upright Justice tarot card means that now you need to make decisions. There are foreseen events that will require your interference and could be decisive for you. The card also indicates law-related matters or litigations where justice will be done. Thus, if you are facing legal issues at present, ensure that you will receive a fair and unbiased outcome.


Justice in the reversed position indicates dishonesty, imbalance, and carelessness. Such a person lacks accountability for their actions and feels no sense of responsibility. The appearance of the card indicates that you escape from your responsibilities and blame other people for your failures and shortcomings. The reversed card of Justice Tarot indicates you are one-sided and don’t judge things or people around with a balanced mindset. It shows that your opinions and decisions are influenced by others and you fail to see the actual truth. Be cautious when you make an opinion about others and stay honest in your actions, suggests the Justice.


As Justice is the card of Karma, the present or the future of your love life will depend upon your actions. This card appears to tell you to be honest in love, and be true to yourself as well as to your partner if you want your relationship to last. It is the card of integrity and that is what you need to follow if you want to attract love in your life.

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