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Judgement Keywords

UPRIGHT : Renewal, Judgement, Redemption


Judgement tarot depicts a man, a woman and a child. They are shown rising from their respective graves in order to answer the Gabriel’s trumpet, hovering over the sky above them. They are naked, outstretching their arms, representing that they are ready to be judged by the authority of the Universe. The man, the woman, and the child have their eyes on heaven. It seems that they are requesting the almighty to assess them, weigh their actions and render a Judgement- if they are going to reside in heaven or in hell for eternity. There is a majestic mountain range in the background representing challenges that everyone encounters in the way of accomplishing their goals. Around the graves, the blue tide signifies that judgement is unavoidable. It will be final and undeniable. The banner around Gabriel's trumpet is the same as the Magician. The Judgement Tarot emphasizes the universal fact that everything that has a beginning has an ending and everything ending eventually leads to a new beginning. Nothing is permanent and the cycle of life moves constantly. The Tarot of Judgement corresponds to the planet, Pluto, the Lord of destruction and the dark world.

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The Judgement Tarot is often linked with Death. It comprises dual interpretations. The card represents either the time of awakening that makes you realize the end of a phase or the period of resurrection when you make a fresh new start.


When the Judgement card appears in a tarot reading, it is an indication that this is the time for self-introspection. It signifies that by self evaluation you may tune in with your higher self. You may understand the fundamental keynote or the central elements of all the things. The card inspires you to understand how you can improve the outcomes and prevent unpleasant situations from occurring in the future. Judgement tarot indicates that you are evolving and with your experiences you have reached a good position in your life. The card represents awakening from the state of unawareness. It reflects self- realization and shows that you are willing to live a purposeful life. You want to change your routine and desire to bring changes in your overall approach. The card also represents that you have learned from your past experiences and now you want to use it for entering into a new phase of your life. You are clear that you won’t make the same mistakes again. The appearance of Judgement indicates that you have reached a final stage of your journey or the analysis where all your struggles and challenges will come to an end. Now onwards you will heal from the past and feel refreshed to make a new start.


When the Judgement appears in a reversed position, it means you are indulged in too much self-analysis. You are suspecting your abilities and are doubting yourself. The card suggests that you need to take a break and analyze your journey so far. You need to think about your achievements and life lessons that you have learned in the past. The card urges you to stop judging yourself and overthinking about your mistakes as this may be holding you back from making the most of the available opportunities.


In love also Judgement wants you to take a step back and analyze your love life with a fresh new perspective. Whatever issues you were ignoring till now, it is time to confront them and resolve them. Judgement tells that any mistakes that you have done in the past, learn from them and give a breath of fresh air to your love life.

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