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Four of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, Break


The Four of Swords Tarot card shows a knight in his full armour lying in the tomb with his arms folded as if in a prayer position. The three swords can be seen hanging on the wall above him while one is under him, inside the tomb. These three swords hanging above the Knight on the wall are the representation of his head, heart and guts. The sword placed in horizontal position beneath him is a symbol of peace and agreement pointing towards the end of the battle. In the background, the image of a woman and child on the glass window of the church represents warmth that we can experience after a retreat. It signals the peace and warmth one may experience after a fight is resolved.

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Four of swords represents relaxation, rest, and meditation. It is a reminder that now it’s time for you to rest and heal before you move on to the next challenge. The appearance of Four of Swords in your Tarot reading suggests you to reflect on your thoughts to replenish your strength and energy for the upcoming challenge. The card indicates that you need to step back to analyze your actions. If you have recently suffered trauma in family or relations, this card will give you a clear perspective of your existence.


When the Upright Four of Swords appears, it means that you have achieved your goal and now you should relax. It comes with the challenge to pause and contemplate. This is the time when you need solitude to think over the circumstances and gather your thoughts to review your plans and reassess your priorities. The card guides you to focus on meditation, recuperation and spending time on rejuvenating your inner strength. You need to take a break from your stressful routine to learn about spiritual healing and inculcate it in your life. The upright Four of Swords in your Tarot reading is suggesting that you need to reassess your perspective as the future outcomes may depend on your perception of your achievements and journey so far. So, it’s important that you keep all the problems aside and think about yourself.


The Four of Swords in reversed position is advising you to stop and rest. It is a sign that you should not feel pressured to achieve everything at once as your inability to do that might leave you stressed and restless. Even though you may feel that you need to keep yourself busy but the card suggests that you need to be careful not to push yourself so far that the pressure of work leaves you sick and tired. A quick power nap or a 15 minute meditation can be a perfect way to replenish the lost energy and increase your productivity as you proceed further.


The Four of Swords in a Tarot Love Reading means regrouping and re-connection. This signifies the time to leave all the stress behind and connect with your partner once again. It comes up with the need for introspection in the existing relationship. A feeling of rest and peace emerge out with the appearance of this Minor Arcana.

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