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Four of Pentacles

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Four of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Possessions, Conservatism, Greed, Savings, Control


The Four of Pentacles describes a man sitting on the other side of his hometown. Both his legs are on the pentacles, his hands are tightly wrapped around another, and the fourth is on his head, marking his connection with his spirit. The man doesn’t want to share his wealth with anyone else. He has lost all contact from his society because of his possessiveness towards his money. His attachment to his wealth has made it impossible for him to move around and connect with others. He has a single point of fascination- money, which makes him feel like he is just stuck in one place.

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The Four of Pentacles points towards the extreme fascination towards the materialistic things in life. This card in your reading is a clear sign that you need to reevaluate your fixation towards collecting money. It is a sign that you need to analyse if you are also enjoying everyday activities while trying to expand your bank balance. Are you really scared of losing your wealth or does the fear of not having money when you need it, haunt you?This card in a reading is a clear indication that you honour and value money and other worldly possessions more than your relationships, family and your happiness.


The Upright Four of Pentacles in your reading speaks about the level of authority and control you are trying to bring into play. In some situations, it’s important to exercise restraint when things get a little topsy-turvy. However, you really need to understand that it’s just not necessary to control every action of the people around you.

This card in your reading also points towards your attachment with the material possessions of the world that is making your family and friends feel neglected and unvalued. The Four of Pentacles Upright reveals that you weigh your success and happiness on the basis of the assets that you own and how much you earn. This card is also a reminder that it’s really applauding that you are focused on getting all the worldly luxuries but you should not take your attention off of those who really matter, i.e. your friends and family.


The Reversed Four of Pentacles in your reading is a sign that you need to really analyse what’s more important in your life. You need to understand that even though wealth is something that defines and describes your status, but it’s actually the people who stand beside you in times of happiness and despair.

The Four of Pentacles also indicates that you are stressed because of your financial situation. You are spending way above you can afford and your savings are vanishing slowly. You need to keep a check on your expenses.


Four of Pentacles in your love reading is not the most favourable card for your love life. It speaks of your fear of change and describes how you are sabotaging your relationships in order to avoid making transitions in your life. If you are single, the card suggests that you are letting the past burden overweigh your thoughts and feelings, hence keeping you away from falling in love.

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