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Five of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Conflict, Defeat, Winning at all costs, Hostility


The Five of Swords in Tarot shows a picture of a young man picking up three swords as he looks at the other two men who seem to be walking away from him with their shoulders bent which resembles loss and dejection. There are two more swords lying on the grass which are indicative of a battle which was fought and lost. The background shows a cloudy and fierce sky which points that even if the war has stopped, situations are still not fine. The quiet sea in the background shows that the environment is silent but the mountains at the far end represent that there are obstacles in the way to achieve complete triumph.

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The Five of Swords in the Minor Arcana cards is a symbol of disagreements, conflicts, and your determination to emerge as a winner at all costs. The card warns you to understand that winning is not everything. As even if you win, you end up losing as much as the opponent and this battle will cost you your self respect and trust. It is a sign that this battle has left you feeling secluded from all others. In your attempt to overcome the loss, you will realize that others have lost their trust in you and hence you will feel the distance growing. The card advises you not to put your relations in danger because of your overconfidence.


The upright Five of Swords appears with sadness and loss. The card foresees you walking away with a feeling of isolation. The card indicates disagreement & conflicts and points that even though you might have won the situation but have lost something very important in this battle. You have put your personal relationships on stake while competing with others and now there is no turning back to recover what is lost. This is the time to gather up the fragments and decide what is important- winning or mutual progress. This is a “win some lose some” situation for you. The more you will try to prove yourself, the more you will lose what is dear to you so try being humble and be attentive towards what time wants to teach you.


The Five of Swords in reversed position is an indicator of reconciliation and signifies that you should end all your conflicts and shift your focus towards peaceful resolution. The appearance of Five of Swords in the reversed signifies that even though you have finally moved on but still, there are things which are clinging to your soul. The old intrusive memories are ruminating you in the past and you may end up going around in circles and might get hurt again. Brooding may only lead to emotional distress. The card advises you to wipe out the fears and think for a new start and for that you will need to compromise and forgive if you want to break the hard cycle of negativity. This is your chance to amend and settle down with peace and harmony.


The Five of Swords in love tarot signifies conflicts, hostility, and heated arguments. It represents separation or break-up due to deception and infidelity either from your partner or yourself. It warns you about some serious damage that may hurt you badly. You may find yourself in a situation where you will feel stuck and miserable. The presence of Five of Swords in your reading is a suggestion that you need to be aware and strong while handling emotional matters.

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