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Five of Pentacles Keywords

UPRIGHT : Poverty, Financial loss, Illness, Isolation


The Five of Pentacles shows two people struggling to walk in extremely cold conditions. The icy cold wind and snowfall is making it difficult for them to keep moving forward symbolizes being alone to handle the problems. Both the men are poor and one of them seems to be severely ill or injured as he is walking with the help of crutches and another one is walking barefoot with only a thin blanket to protect him from the cold. What they cannot see is that behind them is a big church that can offer them help and support them in this excruciating weather condition. This symbolizes that you can get help if you are ready to look away from your plight and allow someone to help you.

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The Five of Pentacles in a tarot reading denotes poverty and health problems. You are feeling isolated with your problems and think that no one is coming to your rescue. The lit up windows of the church portray that help is just nearby but you need to keep your ego aside and seek help from someone who has the capability to support you. You are in the most troubled times of your life where you have hit the deepest rocks in terms of your career, finance, love and health. All this has come as a hard blow to your pride and you have gone into a mode where you are sabotaging your ability to put everything in place.


An Upright Five of pentacles symbolizes poverty, illness, isolation and stress. This card in your reading indicates that you are going through a dull phase in your life where nothing seems to be going in the right direction. Your health seems to be deteriorating and the card directs that now is the time to sit back and analyse what is more important for you- your financial status or your peace of mind. The card guides you to give preference to your health and wellness. If someone comes forward to help you, be humble and accept the help rather than being affected by your self-pride. The Upright Five of Pentacles wants you to keep hope for a better future and realize that bad times don’t last forever.


A reversed Five of Pentacles signify recovery from ill-health and financial losses. It symbolizes that tough times are finally coming to an end, and someone might come forward to support you in getting back on your feet, by helping you find a new job or adding new sources of income. You are facing problems because of your fixation on increasing your wealth, which in turn is inculcating a feeling of inferiority deep inside you. The reversed card wants to guide you that if somehow you feel that you are losing touch with your inner soul because of your obsession with material possessions then you need to stop thinking about it, and just focus on your family. Look out for the people who love you and are not affected by your bank balance. It’s within these people only that you will find the real support.


Five of Pentacles is generally not considered a good omen for love readings. For people in relationships it signifies that your partner is not giving time to you and as a result you are feeling isolated in the relationship. It may also indicate breakups in some of the cases. For singles, it may mean that someone you had a crush on, is not responding to your feelings in the way that you had expected. You may end up feeling rejected.

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