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Eight of Swords Keywords

UPRIGHT : Self-limiing thoughts, Feeling trapped, Paralysed by fear, Negative attitude


The Eight of Swords card shows a blindfolded woman, tied with a rope with eight swords surrounding her which symbolizes the restrictions, limiting thoughts and imprisonment. The blindfold on her eyes is restricting her beliefs of escaping from the ties. It signifies that the path to freedom is right in front of her and she can achieve empowerment if she just keeps the self restricting thoughts aside and open her eyes. The barren island around her represents a lack of creativity and void on the inside. The water flowing at her feet is a sign that your intuition is always bigger than what your eyes can see.

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The Eight of Swords in general stands for restriction and feeling like a victim of the consequences. When this card appears in your reading, it symbolizes that you are feeling trapped or buckled under the pressure. You may be feeling hopeless about a particular situation and are unable to see things from a clear perspective. The Eight of Swords is an advice to take things in your stride and believe that you have the power to bring about the change that you desire. Stay positive and free yourself from the self-imposed ties.


Upright Eight of Swords in your Tarot reading portrays feelings of restriction and powerlessness. You may be feeling confined, trapped or bound by strong ties of negativity because of which your own thoughts and beliefs are making you feel stuck and out of perspective. This card indicates that the restrictions you are facing in achieving your goals and freedom are self imposed. The upright Eight of Swords urges you to believe in your intuitions and stop being a prisoner of your own negative thoughts which will help you in getting yourself out of this dire strait. The current turmoil has shielded your ability to see the new opportunities coming in your way. The need of the hour is self-introspection, to think deeply about the choices available to you as the Eight of Swords in upright position gives rise to confusion. So, you are advised to take control of the foggy thoughts and let your intuition be your guide.


The Eight of Swords in the reversed position is the sign of freedom, escape and control. You have come out of the mire and are releasing yourself from the chains of negativity. In reverse, the Eight of Swords represents suffering due to self- criticism because at times, your inner critic gets too harsh on yourself which tends to make you feel depressed. The card encourages you for breaking the mold of old beliefs and negative patterns and makes you understand that at this time you should stop playing a victim of your own thoughts and be the owner of your destiny.


The Eight of Swords in your love Tarot reading signifies that things may not be in your favour currently in terms of love relationships. The feelings of oppression may overpower your relationship with your partner making you inclined towards escaping from the current issues and situations. Singles may be waiting for someone special to enter their life and fix things for them but the card urges you to be your own hero.

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