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Death Keywords

UPRIGHT : End, New Beginning, Change, Transition


Death tarot is one of the most confusing tarot cards. Often misunderstood as a negative card, this tarot has both positive and negative repercussions. The card depicts a Skeleton (signifying death) riding a white horse with a white and a black flag in his hands. Here, the white color of the horse symbolizes purity. It indicates that death is the biggest purifier in the Universe and everything that dies is born again as new. The Skeleton represents Death and has heavy armor depicting it as invincible and the most powerful. It reminds us that no one can escape death or win over it. The black flag signifies darkness while the white rose reflects eternity, purification and beauty.

In the background, the Sun is rising between two pillars which has a significant interpretation. The rising sign represents immortality and the pillars suggest the enlightenment that one needs to attain to be imperishable. The ferry in the river is taking the souls across the river. The Bishop is paying his regards to the mighty Death. Depiction of people of every age group, including man, woman and child, points that death is unbiased. Grey background proves the same fact.

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Death is the thirteenth card of the Tarot deck. It indicates endings and also represents fresh starts and new beginnings. Its appearance in the Tarot readings doesn’t always mean physical death but it signifies end to an interest, a phase or a relationship. Scorpio zodiac sign rules Death Tarot. Planet Pluto is its Lord and Water is its element.


Death in the upright position never speaks of death. Instead, the appearance of the card is a sign of change. It is an indication of transformation, endings and detachment. The card reflects the end of a significant phase of life and indicates that some new and fruitful beginnings are about to come. The Upright Death card comes up in Tarot readings to remind you that it does close one door but only to open a new and better one. It urges you to get rid of the past and accept new changes. It is about transforming yourself and one can only renew oneself after shedding the burden of the past.

The Death card symbolizes sudden change. It points that change is inevitable and you cannot control the same. You have no choice and in any condition you need to go with the flow. However, this doesn’t mean negative outcomes or setbacks. It actually indicates that this change would pave your way to a new direction. Death Tarot urges you to get rid of your past baggage and break the old patterns that are no more working for you. The card is a reminder to accept the changes and move forward consistently.


The reversed tarot signifies inability to change. It indicates that you are on the verge of transformation but for some unknown reason, you are not able to adapt to the change. Something is holding you back and you are not able to take the leap of faith that you should. The card signifies that your past is binding you and restricting you from grabbing the chances that may help you in making a new and fresh start. You may be resisting any sort of transition in your life despite understanding its significance. Think before you take a call. There is a strong chance that the change you are saying no to may turn out to be a rewarding one for you.


Death signifies the end of a relationship or the end of a particular phase of a relationship. However, this could seem unfortunate but it is not. This end is paving the way for something much better and beautiful. So, if you have lost in love, then this card comes as a ray of hope that good times are on their way.

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