Top 10 Best Love Tarot Cards For Your True Love Life

Best Love Tarot Cards

Are you worried about your love life? Does love seem to fade away? Your love tarot can mend and get everything you are missing in love and relationships. Yes! Tarot cards are the ancient way to know about love and strengthen relationships. It comprises love tarot cards that are incredibly accurate. The cards incur all the answers that have always kept you anxious. Want to know which are those cards?

Here is a quick list of top 10 True Love Tarot Cards you must look for in a reading if you want a happy and romantic love life.

Top 10 Love Tarot Cards

#1. The Lovers

The Lovers Tarot Card

Seventh of the Minor Arcana, The Lovers is at the top of True Love Tarot cards. It is one of the best cards you may get in your love readings. The card as its imagery interprets a strong connection between two lovers blessed with a divine angel. It suggests a relationship based on mutual companionship. The appearance of this card in love readings is a sign that love is in the air and you may find your true love. If you are looking for love then be sure your true love is at your door!

#2. Ace of Cups

Being the first in the minor arcana of Suit of cups, the Ace of Cups is the call of new beginnings. In love readings, it is the indication that you have the cups of emotions brimming with love. The dove in the card is a symbol that your love life will be blessed with divine powers. The Ace of Cups speaks of the love that you have waited for your whole life. It is bliss to have the card when you are single or thinking to take your relationship to the next level.

#3. The Empress

The Empress Love Tarot Card

Care, Compassion and Lovely heart-all will be yours when The Empress turns up. Fourth of the Minor Arcana, the card depicts the Queen sitting on the red pillows, giving you a sign that love and passion will bloom. It is a good omen that you may take your relationship a step ahead. The Empress is the representation of abundance, fertility and nurturing relationship which will fill your heart with divine contentment. In Tarot Card readings, The Empress is the sign of deep connection that is sensuous and fulfilling at every end.

#4. Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles in a love tarot reading is a strong indication that you have or will find a strong love. The minor arcana from the Suit of Pentacles is a positive card for lovers. The imagery in the card is an indication of strong bonds and opportunities filled in relationships. The card is a firm commitment which you will have with your partner. With the appearance of Ten of Pentacles, you may know that insecurities are gone and now you have a secure future to welcome.

#5. The Emperor

The Emperor Love Tarot Card

The Emperor is the masculine counterpart of the Empress that indicates longevity in relationships. The card indicates a male figure with authority and a sign of protection. It is a hope that you will be guarded and your love will endure everything. The Emperor is the indication that your relationship is on strong grounds and you can trust your partner. This true love tarot card grants you access to the relationship where you can rely on and leave all your worries. When it turns up, gear up for the love that may last forever.

#6. Four of Wands

Depicted with feast or marriage imagery, the Four of Wands is definitely a tarot card of love. This minor arcana card from the Suit of Wands is the sign of celebration and sincere commitment. It is an indication that your relationship is getting stronger and some serious commitments are waiting ahead. For singles, the Four of Wands is good news to socialize and enjoy the freedom. It means you will have someone with whom you can enjoy and have a fun-filled partnership. So, when it turns up, know the cupid is winking at you with arrows in his hands.

#7. The Hierophant

The Hierophant Love Tarot Card
The Holy reign and Pope imageries may indicate religious inclination but the true love tarot has some more to offer. In love readings, The Hierophant is the card you may always want to have- A card of commitment and forever feelings of love. The card is the depiction that things will be orderly and stay for a long time. It is the indication of traditional love with an order of love-relationship- marriage. The Hierophant speaks of the relationship where there is no resistance and no egos. Just a relationship with loyalty, mutual respect, and care.

#8. Ten of Cups

The imagery of Ten of Cups itself boasts of a happy and loving family surrounded by trees and water. The True Love Tarot is a sign that Cupid has blessed you with love and romance. The card is also an indication that you have found your soulmate. You may move ahead with deep family values and grow with a stable relationship. The appearance of Ten of Cups takes you to the emotional journey and allows you to get the love you always deserved.

#9. The Sun

The Sun Love Tarot Card
The shining Sun and the white horse are the symbols of purity and positivity. In a love tarot card reading, The Sun is a good omen you may long for. It is the indication that love is on your cards and you will enjoy it with full enthusiasm. Symbolizing the new beginnings, this love tarot is considered good for those who are single and looking for love. It is the expression of harmony. With this, you may get assured that your love life will be strong and positive. Prosperity, Offsprings, Joy, and happiness are the love tarot readings for The Sun.

#10. Two of cups

This is another card from the Suit of Cups that speaks of love and romance. Two of Cups is the card for couples and the ones who are looking for love. The card symbolizes the union of two people with cups of beauty and attraction. In love readings, the card shares the hope of new bonding and attracts the one you love. It raises the toast for soulful and stable companionship. Two of cups are also a sign of commitment where you connect physically and mentally with your partner.


Love is a beautiful feeling which needs care and devotion. But sometimes it is hard to keep the fire it requires. True Love tarot reading is one such way through which you may rediscover your feelings and strengthen your bond of love. If you want to read for your own and get your free tarot reading for love life, then you don’t need to go far away. You can just have a free love tarot reading app and spruce up your love life at your fingertips.

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